Cardio tennis workout The arrival of Wimbledon is a true highlight of the traditional British Summer, we associate it with the sun shining and Pimms flowing! Summer dresses and sandals at the ready many of us will head to ‘Murray Mound’ to watch one of the most highly anticipated tennis tournaments of the year. However mixed in with all the excitement we often have waves of dread, concerns about showing a little more skin and exposing our pins to the outside world. Here at EF MEDISPA we want everybody to feel confident and embrace the warm weather summer brings. That’s why we have put together our top treatments to tackle any concerns you may have about your legs, from cellulite through to thread veins, we have the solution. Hair-free summer pins IMG_3791 smallSmooth, silky, hair free legs; it’s what most of us long for all summer. But often waxing and shaving can become a bit of a chore, and we all know what it feels like to have plans come up last minute when you’re due a wax! If that’s the case for you then why not look into Laser Hair Removal treatments as an alternative? Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicle cells with a passing light. By destroying these cells, the follicle will no longer be able to grow hair. You will require a course of approximately 6-8 treatments to stop complete hair regrowth, however after each treatment you will see an improvement. Get rid of unwanted thread veins Are you concerned about the visible veins on your legs? If so, then IPL Skin Rejuvenation can help. It uses Aurora Intense Pulsed Light technology to regenerate collagen and even out your skin tone. A course of treatments that can reduce the look of those red and spider veins and give your legs a visibly clearer appearance! EF MULTI_001 (SMALL)Dimple free legs Cellulite it one of the most common concerns we see people come in with as it’s something that most of us suffer from. Cellulite on our thighs can make us feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and shorts, but there are many different treatments that will help reduce it. The treatments we offer include; Radiofrequency, Mesotherapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Lipotripsy, Multisculpt and Microfirm. Each one is non-invasive meaning you will have minimal downtime and can carry on your everyday activities. Fade out stretch marks Stretch marks are another complaint that women around the world have, they develop in areas where skin has been stretched such as thighs and the stomach. Here at EF Medispa we have several treatments that work to remove stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen which is the body’s natural way to heal and rejuvenate. These treatments include; Carboxy Therapy, Mesotherapy and Fraxel Laser Therapy. All of which are designed to have your pins looking great in no time at all. Loss inches off your thighsElectro Lymphatic Therapy Many of us have stubborn areas of fat that we wish weren’t there.  No amount of exercise or weight loss will shift it, there is the option of surgery but that involves downtime, which in this day and age, most of us haven’t got the time for. If this is how you feel, Reduce by Vanquish is the treatment for you. It’s a non-invasive cutting edge inch loss solution treatment that uses multipolar radiofrequency energy to target fat cells and break them down quickly. The treatment is both relaxing and comfortable without any downtime, we’d usually recommend a course of 4 for optimum results. Finishing touches Homecare is a great way to ensure you keep the great results from all your treatments at their optimum, so these are our favourite products that will help you keep your legs looking smoother and firmer. Exfoliate and massage your skin to keep it looking fresh with the Biologique Recherche body glove before applying the stimulating Creme Amincissant MC110 cream. If you want to firm up your skin even further, then we highly recommend using Dermaquest stem cell 3D cream. Lastly if you’re looking for a sun-kissed glow to finish off then look no further than Sunescape self-tan. So if any of these treatments sound right up your street then why not take a visit to one of our London clinics? We offer a wide variety of treatments and procedures to have you feeling your best and looking great!
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