Untitled With trainers on and water bottles at the ready, last Saturday EF MEDISPA were proud to be official sponsors of the first ever Lady Garden 5K Fun Run. Held in Battersea Park, the run was in aid of The Gynaecological Cancer Fund and saw lady participants complete a 5K circuit. This new and inspirational charity aims to raise funds for precision therapies that has been pioneered at The Royal Marsden Hospital. This cancer treatment utilises each patients DNA in order to provide custom drugs for each individual. An 8am start for our team, huddled around the Battersea Park Bandstand, we carried in our massage chairs and signage to set up our tent. In the spirit of supporting a good cause, we wanted to help relax, and relieve the muscles of those who participated in the event.   IMG_1091 Undeterred by the morning chill, runners (and supporters) were led with an energetic dance warm up before setting off around the park for their 5K run. Amongst the array of dog walkers and occasional celeb, health food companies offered the best of their brands; with pro- biotic chocolate, smoothies and matcha popcorn being just some of the nibbles available. After crossing the finish line, runners were given medals and Lady Garden goodie bags. There was an undeniable buzz amongst these women, whose common goal had now morphed into a shared achievement. This was undoubtedly a morning full of community spirit and trendy sportswear, and we felt it was great to be a part of something. All proceeds made from the event went to The Gynaecological Cancer Fund and as a result of everyone’s donations they have reached their target of £64,000! A huge thank you, and well done to Lady Garden, The Gynaecological Cancer Fund and all those who supported such an amazing event.
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