In our new blog, Founder and Editor of The Style Lane Penny Lane gives us her top lifestyle and beauty tips in Six Steps to Get The Glow! After an arduous day in the office, hours spent frantically running errands and hurriedly ticking off that to-do list, nothing exposes the effects of the daily strains of life more shockingly than stripping off the day’s make-up, to reveal a lacklustre complexion. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to use less concealer and revel in a more youthful, radiant skin tone? Read my wellbeing tips and tricks to beat stress levels and welcome back that natural glow you’ve longed for… Team a fresh season with a schedule bursting at the seams, appointments to make, targets to reach, your family requiring miracles to happen on a regular basis, and you could find your boiling point ready to explode. Stress, heightened emotions and fatigue all take their toll on the skin and its ability to look bright and clear. MeditationBREATHE & REBOOT If you’re feeling far from serene, consider a speedy lifestyle refresh. Sounds daunting? I’m not talking a complete overhaul – far from it. This simply requires taking twenty minutes each day, sitting quietly to reflect on your priorities. Clear your mind of your current tasks, grab a notepad and scribble down the three most important things to achieve before bedtime. If you can happily draw a line through those three points, you will find that drifting off to sleep will become a breeze, safe in the knowledge that you’ve completed and removed those tasks that were previously a worry. The power of three is a figure that’s totally attainable, and will ensure you can enjoy the blissful night’s sleep your complexion needs to heal and regenerate. BreatheEXERCISE AL FRESCO A good skincare routine is of course a must for glowing skin and provides a great foundation for achieving the results you desire. However, there are many other factors, aside from luxurious beauty formulas, that transform a grey skin tone from drab to wow, without costing you a penny. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, step outside and inhale deeply to increase oxygen levels. It really is amazing how a glorious does of fresh air and movement, no matter how minor, has the ability clear the mind and release tension. The circulation boost will instantly add life and a pretty flush to the skin. Drip&Chill at EF MEDISPA REPLENISH Look after your skin and your skin will look after you. After all, it’s our largest organ and therefore requires a little added TLC. Be sure to up your vitamin intake via plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst stepping away from too many cups of coffee and a sugar overload. But most importantly, make friends with water and flush out toxins that will eventually appear as blemishes. You’ll feel less lethargic and your complexion will thank you for the extra hydration. Need a quick, effective vitamin boost? IV Vitamin Infusions administer a bespoke cocktail safely into your bloodstream to supplement your system when it needs it most. Why not give an EF MEDISPA Drip & Chill IV Infusion a try? Facials&Peels at EF MEDISPAINDULGE IN SOME ‘ME TIME’ Very little beats a relaxing beauty treatment to completely de-stress and forget the nine-to-five. The results will give you a much-needed confidence boost, too. A light peel is the perfect way to encourage complexion-plumping collagen production, whilst lifting the dead cells that are blocking your glow factor. EF MEDISPA offers a selection of bespoke facials and peels to target issues in your skin, refresh and revitalise your complexion. FACIAL MASSAGE During your evening cleansing routine, add a few extra minutes to the process. Use flowing movements to lift impurities and relax the facial muscles that have been working overtime all day. This added attention, concentrating particularly around the forehead and mouth, will noticeably soften fine lines upon waking. Aromatherapy THE BEAUTY OF TRANQUILITY Finally, if time is your enemy and you struggle to find even the smallest time slot to relax, turn your morning shower, bath or night time cleanse into your precious moment. Light candles, inhale the aromas and claim this process as your time for personal clarity. Choose relaxing scents before slipping off into a deep slumber and zesty extracts to give you a kick-start. Either way, detach this activity from everything and everyone, to feel calmer and more content.      
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