Winter isn’t the kindest of months. Most of us haven’t seen sun since summer – so our skin is pale and pasty. Swinging between the freezing cold outside and central heating inside only leaves our body dry and scaly. And frankly, it’s all too tempting to let those cosy baggy jumpers hide a multitude of sins when we indulge in one too many treats to cheer ourselves through the dark days and nights. So when the invites for Christmas parties roll in and you want to be the belle of the ball, here’s how to look your best. Get ready to steal the limelight…
  1. The Quick Lift: The clue is in the name here. Using fractional lasers and light, we’re able to lift and sculpt the skin on the face, neck and décolleté to give it back its glow – all in less than an hour. So you can sneak out during your lunchbreak and hey presto – look fabulous for that evening’s party!
  1. The LED Luminous LiftThe LED Luminous Lift: Multiple frequencies, multiple benefits – this treatment involves an advanced healing laser to replenish, repair, boost circulation, lift, tone and generally make your skin look incredible. Prepare to be caught under the mistletoe after having this… 
  1. The Jet Facial: A newcomer to our St. John’s Wood treatment menu, this twist on the classic microdermabrasion is already becoming a firm favourite amongst our regulars. A jet of air is diffused over the skin surface using a handheld nozzle, removing dead cells that build up and make for a dull, lacklustre appearance overall. We can even use the nozzle to apply hyaluronic acid and vitamins to the skin – so you emerge looking plumped, radiant and glowy for the night ahead.
  1. Radio Frequency: Perhaps you’ve been lamenting of your saggy skin of late – or have been slimming down ahead of the party season and have some loose skin as a result. Ideal for tightening the chest, neck, thighs and upper arms, this non-invasive skin tightening method is the ideal way to get the bits on show looking smooth and sculpted in no time at all – ready for that new little black dress.
  1. Vitamin infusion treatmentA Drip & Chill Immune Boost: Just when we’ve RSVP’d to all the most fabulous parties, we develop a snivelling cold. Pick yourself up the floor with one of our immune-boosting intravenous drips – then add a B vitamin shot for good measure. You’ll be back on your feet in no time!
Happy partying and Merry Christmas to all! To find out more about the different treatments we offer, call us today on 0203 135 0246, or book a complimentary consultation here.    
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