mesoestetic-collagen-360-degree-elixirMany of you will know that EF, we take 360-degree approach to health and wellbeing. It’s our belief that by tackling your health and beauty issues on both the inside and the outside, everyone can look and feel their most youthful, confident self. Which is precisely why we offer our clients everything from fillers to colonics and vitamin B12 injections. Now, joining our tally of holistic therapies is a new collagen drink called Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Degree Elixir. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that it tastes completely vile! It’s so fishy that you’ll need to mix it with your morning green juice, your post-workout protein shake – or even a strong martini! I first came across it in Spain and was introduced to it by one of the companies who work with us on our fabulous mesotherapy treatments. I’ve always been sceptical about so-called “wonder” supplements, but in just three to four weeks, all of my therapists are gushing about the new glow this fish collagen booster has bestowed upon their skin. As for me, I’m supplementing my way to a healthier, flu-free winter with a little trick I learnt whilst doing a fast and detox at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic in Austria a few weeks ago. They soak something resembling a Q-tip in eucalyptus oil and push it right up your nose! I have to admit that it’s rather excruciating at the time and my eyes tend to stream. But according to Austrian wisdom, it’s a fantastic way to boost the immune system – and who am I to argue?!
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