Be body beautiful

Procedures to enhance or improve our bodies have become increasingly popular these days. Everyone wants to feel better about themselves and one way of achieving an amazing body is by going through a cosmetic procedure. Here are some of our most popular treatments for body beauty: ff Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a painless cosmetic procedure wherein vitamins, amino acids, medications and minerals are injected under the skin. The solution used for the injections are tailored specifically for each individual. This injection is injected straight only in the target area and does not affect the other parts of your body. This is believed to reduce the harmful effects of using too much medication and possible complications brought about by drugs interacting against each other. Mesotherapy improves overall circulation and dissolves fat which is not needed in our body. As a weight loss treatment, mesotherapy changes the fat cells’ biology by hampering what triggers fat build-up and at the same time, aids in releasing fat that has already been stored. Mesotherapy also helps tighten skin that has sagged to give your body a tighter appearance. Brachioplasty Say goodbye to those flappy arms! Flappy arms is a problem faced by women all over the world and sometimes, no matter how hard you work out, the flappy arms just insist on staying. Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin from your upper arms which is caused by ageing or extreme weight loss. By doing so, your upper arms will look tighter and more toned. Abdominoplasty A lot of us face the problem of sagging skin especially in the abdominal region. For some people, losing a significant amount of weight or post-pregnancy, the skin that was stretched will look sagged. Abdominoplasty is the solution. Abdominoplasty works similarly like bracioplasty. The stretched or sagged skin and muscles that were weakened will be restored through this process. Lipotripsy Lipotripsy is a non-invasive treatment that breaks down fat and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Lipotripsy can be done on various parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen, love handles, hips and arms. This is a great way to reduce cellulite build-up and allows oxygen in better to allow the skin to breathe and improve the elasticity of the skin because of this, you are left with a dramatically smoother skin and leaner figure. It is an effective way to remove fats that are just too stubborn to go away. Available at both our London and Birmingham clinics. Laser Hair Removal Nowadays, this procedure has been gaining significant traction. Especially for people who show off a lot of skin. Unwanted hair can be removed through laser hair removal treatments. The treatment destroys the follicles which are the foundation of new hairs to grow, without this, there will be no hair growth. Because it is easier to maintain than other hair removal treatments, more and more people are leaning towards a having a laser hair removal treatment.
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