There are many different things that can cause the skin to scar, from chicken pox, to acne, to stretch marks. Depending on the age of scar, the severity and what has caused it – they can appear differently. Some scars may appear discoloured, whilst others can raise the skin or cause the skin to dip inwards. Whatever your scar looks like, or whatever may have caused it, we’ve got a wide range of treatments that can help to reduce the appearance of it.

Laser Treatment Scar Removal

We have many different laser treatments that can help with the removal of scars, however two of our most popular are Pixel and Fraxel. Pixel Laser is a great treatment for acne scarring as it helps to remove the damaged surface layers of the skin, encouraging the regeneration of new cells and promoting collagen production, leaving you with smooth flawless skin.

Fraxel Laser is again a great treatment for acne scarring, as well as stretch-marks. Using points of light that are shone directly into the lower layers of the skin it targets the old damaged skin cells and stimulates the body’s natural healing process to encourage cell growth, to leave you with youthful vibrant looking skin.

Micro-needling for Scar Removal

Alongside our impressive range of laser treatments, we also offer some outstanding micro-needling treatments for scar removal. These include Mesotherapy, Microfirm & and Dermpen.

Mesotherapy is a great treatment for reducing the appearance of scars. It works by using a handheld device which injects vitamins into the skin to regenerate cell growth and encourage collagen production.

Microfirm is another micro-needling treatment, however it also uses radiofrequency alongside the help promote collagen production. Microfirm is not only a great treatment for scar removal, but it can also be very affecting in skin tightening.

Lastly, Dermapen can be used to promote the skins natural healing process, making it ideal for scar removal. The needles on the hand-held device can be set to different lengths depending on the depth of the scar to ensure you get the best results for your concern.

Carboxy Therapy for Scar Removal

Another treatment of ours that is great for scar removal, especially stretch marks is Carboxy Therapy. Carboxy Therapy works to inject Co2 into the skin to increase blood flow, restoring the skins natural colour and reducing the appearance of your tiger stripes. It also works to stimulate collagen production, helping to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

If you would like to find out more about the different treatments we offer for scars call us today on 020 3811 2727 or book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert Treatment Coordinators here.

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