109A1606Having only been open for a few months in Bristol, we are thrilled to have already received such great feedback from our newest EF MEDISPA clients. They’ve enlightened us with their best beauty treatments in Bristol, and what they're looking for at EF MEDISPA. So you ask, what beauty treatments are the stylish Bristolians hunting out at our clinic on Whiteladies Road? Results led power Facials Savvy Bristolites are looking for much more than a pampering facial, they want to see results, firmer, clearer and brighter skin. A proven favourite so far are the Biologique Recherché facials, each treatment is completely bespoke to the client and their skin at the time of the facial (our skins PH balance changes several times a day). Using ingredients such as botanical, marine and biological extracts, combined with specialised application techniques and movements these facials work to restore a youthful glow. EF LED_005 (small)Another all-time favourite amongst all our clinics, including Bristol, is our exclusive LED Luminous Lift facial, a 30 minute facelift which uses a rainbow of light frequencies to have a revitalising effect. Each different coloured light works to benefit the skin in different ways, and when used altogether gives an instant radiance to your skin. The red light is very rejuvenating, stimulating collagen production it will leave your skin vibrant and youthful. The yellow light reduces the appearance of acne, and is great for rosacea or sunburn, calming the skin. And lastly, but by no means least, the blue light has anti-bacterial properties making it idea for acne, it will both prevent and treat it. Smooth out lines with Fillers & Anti-Wrinkle Injections Another favourite at EF MEDISPA Bristol are fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic fillers & anti-wrinkle injections can help right the wrongs ageing brings and work to lift and shape your face. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used in targeted areas so that your results are completely unique to you, simply improving the areas you don’t like. They work by blocking the signals from the nerve to the muscles in your face, this helps to soften your lines and smooth out the skin. If one of your main concerns is lost volume in your face then dermal fillers are ideal, made from hyaluronic acid, they can again be injected into targeted areas to help plump your skin. IMG_7784-2 samllBlast your cellulite away Most of us will suffer from cellulite at some point in our life time, and we’ve found our clients are looking for the easiest and quickest way to get rid of theirs. We’ve got a variety of different cellulite treatments available at EF MEDISPA Bristol that can aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite, however one that has proven extremely popular time after time is Radiofrequency. This heat based treatment causes friction in the deeper layers of the skin, increasing the metabolism and secretion of fat, leaving you with smooth, toned skin. Get hair-free skin Popular among both the men and women of Bristol, laser hair removal is great for getting rid of unwanted hair on your body. It can be used on any area on the body, no matter how big or small.  However, we have also found it increasingly popular for men as a cure for folliculitis, the inflammation of hair follicles, often caused by the irritation of shaving. By having a course of laser hair removal, you stop the regrowth of hair, meaning you will no longer have to shave, leaving your skin smooth and free of irritation. XP5A0133smallEasy Inch Loss Last, but by no means least, a treatment that has proved extremely well sought after by Bristolians is our Reduce by Vanquish. This super easy treatment just asks you to sit back and relax whilst you lose inches off your tummy, love handles and thighs. The cutting-edge and non-invasive machine uses radiofrequency energy to target fat cells, breaking them down and leaving you with amazing inch loss results. To find out more about the different treatments offered at Bristol call us on 01173705741 or book your complimentary consultation here
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