The EF Cellution

Lara-BingleShe is a beautiful model who has earned a living off her famed bikini body, but Lara Bingle isn't afraid to admit that her figure has its faults. The 26-year-old recently confessed that, despite projecting a body confident demeanour, she isn't picture perfect and does in fact suffer from cellulite – just like over 90% of the female population! But ladies we have good news; at EF MEDISPA we have the perfect treatments for blasting cellulite and help prevent it from returning! Our fantastic cellulite treatments include: Lipotripsy - The latest and most effective next generation Lipotripsy Cellulite Treatment offering a pain-free solution for cellulite and fat reduction. Using advanced Radial Wave Therapy, Lipotripsy works non-invasively to trigger fat cells so that they become more permeable whilst enhancing blood circulation leading to increased oxygen levels and increased skin elasticity. This method of treatment doesn’t destroy the fat cell but rather makes it impermeable so that it leaves the body naturally through the lymphatic system. Available at both our London and Birmingham clinics. Multi-sculpt - The multi-sculpt, exclusively available at EF MEDISPA, is an advanced cellulite treatment designed to treat both deeper tissue and the upper layers of the skin. This powerful cellulite buster uses three modes of treatment to provide optimum results for cellulite reduction and inch loss. The 3 modes of treatment include; Infrared Light to stimulate collagen, firm and tighten the skin. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to boost circulation. Thirdly, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage which uses precise targeted energy to improve the removal of cellular waste and toxins.  EF Cellution EF Cellution has been recommended by the Daily Mail as ‘the cure for orange peel thighs’ for its innovative way of using non invasive acoustic wave therapy for skin tightening. Combining revolutionary technology with a nutritional and lifestyle bespoke package, EF Cellution is an excellent solution for all body shapes with the same desire to rid cellulite. High Frequency Mesotherapy - High Frequency Mesotherapy at EF MEDISPA is a revolutionary treatment which is especially effective for combating cellulite and sagging skin, whilst encouraging new cell growth. Using a technique of quick (vitamin packed and mineral rich) micro-injections, this treatment works to instantly plump your skin, generate collagen production and effectively smooth visible signs of cellulite. Diet and Nutrition - If you’re serious about tackling cellulite then optimising your nutrition will help to ensure the best possible results from your cellulite treatment. By improving your diet to ensure your liver and lymphatic system work more effectively, this enables your body’s ability to breakdown fat cells more effectively thereby reducing cellulite. EF MEDISPA’s fantastic in-house nutritionist will work with you to help increase your intake of food rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants and proteins essential for combating free radical damage to cells and support a strong, healthy skin structure. With so many options available your first step to tackling cellulite begins with a complimentary consultation with our in-house Treatment Co-ordinator to establish your needs and which treatment is most suitable for you.
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