Having kept this under my hat since May last year, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my very own product line! Created using the very latest and greatest American science and manufactured in California, the collection – named Effusion – will launch in April with a focus on the body. Why the body? I must admit that initially, I was looking to create anti ageing facial products. Yet having seen the groundbreaking technology available out there, it occurred to me that there really is nothing that boasts such a scientific basis and proven results for the body here in England. With over a month still to go until the big reveal, I’m keeping a few trade secrets about the range close to my chest.  However, I can say that the first product will be a fantastic scrub – like nothing you’ve seen or used before. When I gave it to someone to test, she said her skin was so soft that she was immediately addicted! The second product is an incredible diminishing cellulite cream – so effective that you can feel it tingling as it works on that orange peel for 20 minutes after application, morning and night. Both products have been put through paces by a panel of women to ensure that they offer tangible results with a luxurious feel. Watch this space for more news on the Effusion launch and prepare to get your softest, smoothest, most cellulite-free skin yet! INSIDE THE AESTHETIC & ANTI-AGING MEDICINE WORLD CONGRESS With so many new technologies, products, gadgets and gizmos launching onto the beauty market each year, you could be forgiven for wondering just where it all comes from – and how much of it is simply based upon exaggerated promises and creating false hope. Which is precisely why the annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress is such an important date in the beauty calendar. Held under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, this year’s conference takes place at the end of March and will play host to some of the most eminent experts in the industry, talking about the most notable, cutting-edge developments of the past 12 months. And at £660-£700 a ticket to attend, these experts are basically the equivalent of the rock stars of the beauty industry! I never know quite what to expect before I get there, but this year’s focus is ‘prevention’ via aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Which means looking to a future where there’ll be fewer facelifts or fillers – and more treatments and technology dedicated to warding off ageing before it even begins. This year, EF MEDISPA is going to be working with ABC Lasers – the leading suppliers for laser devices in the UK. They’ll be hosting a cocktail reception, so amidst all the seriousness and genuine dedication to science, there is something of a party atmosphere too. With around 10,000 participants from 120 countries expected to attend the year, you can imagine that hotel rooms and restaurant bookings in Monaco are at a fantastically high premium! Having learnt from experience, I got in there early, booking up a hotel just outside of town and securing dinner reservations in Nobu, Cipriani and Buddha Bar. So watch this space for the latest buzz from my trip –  no doubt coming to an EF clinic near you soon! ESTHER’S TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC SPEAKING estherfieldgrassI’ve recently spoken at the Aesthetic Medicine and Professional Beauty conferences about what it takes to run a successful medispa in this technologically advanced, consumer-savvy age. As EF MEDISPA has gone from strength to strength – and expanded to multiple London locations – public speaking about how I founded and drove the business is something I’m increasingly asked to do. Yet public speaking is something many of us dread. In the run up to the event many people suffer sleepless nights, sweaty palms and then stutter their way through the talk itself. So after getting plenty of practice under my belt, here’s my top tips for sailing through your public speaking engagements with the greatest of flair and ease...
  1. Know your topic: Know it inside out and back-to-front. There’s nothing I find more boring than watching someone simply read off a PowerPoint presentation, so think of a more effective way to engage people in what you’re saying. I always include a video about EF MEDISPA to make my talk more interactive and really give people a feel for the business.
  2. Get coaching: It’s a typical female trait to try and do everything ourselves – perfectly. But there’s no shame in asking for help, particularly when there are now so many companies out there who are trained to help you help yourself. A few years ago, I got instruction on my posture, delivery and speaking pace.
  3. Look good: When you’re talking in public, having people looking at you is something you can’t avoid – but the best thing to do is to embrace it! Look good and you’ll feel good. Which means you’ll bring more confidence and va-va-voom to your performance. I love to get a super speedy Quick Lift to firm my face and restore my glow.
  4. Meditate: Say what you will, but it really does work. I do my meditation practice the morning of a public speaking engagement – firstly to clear my mind, and secondly to visualize myself delivering my talk with confidence.
  5. Celebrate: When you come off that stage riding high on the adrenaline, don’t forget to celebrate! It’ll leave you with positive memories for next time, so your fears lessen and your confidence grows each time you deliver a talk. For me, a large glass of wine never fails to do the trick!
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