The Ultimate Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Non-Surgical Butt Lift "How do I get my butt perkier without going under the knife?”. It’s a question that’s on many of our minds and a subject that’s been a hot topic in recent years, which is why we at EF MEDISPA decided to create the perfect package for the Ultimate Non-Surgical Butt Lift. Our director Esther Fieldgrass and EF MEDISPA Training Manager, Violeta have created a unique treatment package combining three powerful, effective fat reduction and skin tightening treatments to help give you a perkier, smoother and lifted bum.   What’s in the package? The first part of this package begins with our brand-new treatment, VibroSculpt by Endospheres. Working to combat sagging skin and cellulite, this treatment stimulates the body’s natural response to fight cellulite by breaking down fat and contouring treated areas while improving circulation and oxygenation within the body. This treatment also helps to enhance the function of the lymphatic system, helping to naturally detox the body. These aspects work to combat cellulite for smoother, tighter and firmer skin. Radiofrequency treatmentThe second part of the package focuses on radiofrequency energy which delivers controlled heat to the layers of the skin. Our pain-free Radiofrequency treatment targets loose skin, helping to improve shape and firmness while smoothing out dimpled skin. Following Radiofrequency, the final part of this bespoke treatment package is Mesotherapy. This advanced treatment uses micro-needles to inject a bespoke blend of vitamins into layers of the skin, dissolving fat cells, boosting collagen production and promoting the growth of fresh skin cells, leaving you with firmer, radiant skin with a reduced appearance of cellulite. We also recommend combining effective firming creams for the buttocks, the Bodyshock Push-up body cream from Mesoestetic. Exclusive to EF MEDISPA, this combination of treatments have been carefully selected to create the ultimate non-surgical butt to help lift, shape and contour for the perfect peach. Brazillian Butt Lift How does it compare to the ‘Brazillian Butt Lift’? The Brazillian Butt Lift at EF MEDISPA is a fat transfer treatment where fat is removed from another part of the body and re-injected into the bum to enhance the area. The Ultimate Non-Surgical Butt Lift uses the three-unique fat reduction and skin tightening treatments to give you a non-surgical option to a butt lift, healing to provide you with natural looking results without the need for downtime. If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique new treatment package, book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert Treatment Coordinators here.
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