There are no quick fixes for getting healthy, in fact – it takes some work and different elements to help you find overall balance and to ensure a healthier lifestyle. At EF MEDISPA we offer a range of treatments to help boost your health as well as the advice of experts to help you address your diet and wellbeing. Read our great tips and information for transforming your health from the inside out, using lots of little changes to make a big difference! boosting vitamin intake Boost your vitamin intake Nutrition Making some small changes to your diet can really help you to become healthier, leaner and to make the most of natural ingredients, rather than relying on processed and convenient foods. Our own EF MEDISPA nutritionist Kim Pearson has the following tips for improving your diet using small, but effective swaps:
  • Swap your ‘3pm treat’ such as an afternoon cake or biscuits for fresh berries like raspberries and strawberries.
  • Swap cow's milk for unsweetened nut milk like almond or coconut.
  • Swap pasta for courgetti and swap rice for cauliflower rice
  • Swap fruit juice for green vegetable only juice or just plain water!
  • Swap normal tea for green tea
  • Swap your lunchtime sandwich for a salad with some extra protein (such as Pret's crayfish and avocado salad with two boiled eggs)
Making these small changes will make a huge difference to your diet, and help you get some essential protein, fats and nutrients that you may have been lacking before. Drip & Chill IV Vitamin Treatments D With a busy lifestyle of work, family and commitments, sometimes we need an extra boost to help our bodies cope. IV Vitamin Infusions provide a fast and efficient way to replenish certain vitamins in your system. Our CEO & Founder, Esther Fieldgrass explains how: “Our Drip & Chill IV Vitamin Infusions utilise powerful vitamins for their many benefits to give your body a much needed boost. Vitamins used include your C, D, E and B’s, L-Carnitine, Glucosamine and Glutathione and many more. Each of these offers a multitude of benefits to your body.” A perfect treat to enjoy during your lunchtime or to support your healthier lifestyle, you can find out more information about the range of treatments on offer here. Colonic Hydrotherapy Cleanse from the inside out Colonic Hydrotherapy In order to look better on the outside, you may need to cleanse your insides too. Colonic hydrotherapy is known to provide a number of benefits and help you to feel better both inside and out. Our colonic hydrotherapy therapist Victoria Cooper says: "Because the conditions in the colon are affected by, and affect most other bodily systems (skin, cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal, immune, respiratory, hormones), having regular colonics has the potential to make a considerable difference in how you look and feel. Reducing stored toxic waste in the gut can bring benefits including balancing of the ultra-important gut flora, upshift in energy and sense of well-being, improved clarity of skin, reduction of bloating, improved elimination and many more." Book yourself in for a skin and energy boosting colonic hydrotherapy treatment by clicking here. Electro Lymphatic Therapyc If you’re struggling with cellulite and skin dimpling, you may feel self-conscious – especially during the summer season. Electro Lymphatic Therapy could be what you need in order to eliminate your cellulite for good, helping to rid your body of toxins and excess proteins which lead to cellulite, and can also cause your skin to look aged and tired. The treatment works by helping to drain your lymphatic system, which can also help to treat other conditions such as sinus problems, colds, headaches and more. Click here for more information about this revolutionary cellulite treatment. Resculpt and define your natural curves! Multisculpt Multisculpt is a fantastic treatment which not only helps to improve the appearance of cellulite but also helps reduce excess fat AND best of all, there’s no recovery time needed. Using three treatments to help you lose inches and rid pesky cellulite, this innovative treatment promises excellent results in 6 treatments and will give you the confidence boost you’ve been looking for. Want to find out more about how Multisculpt works? Click here for more information. BR Biologique Recherche Body Treatment: Lift C.V.S Corps Full Body Treatment Finally, what better way to complete a course of body-boosting treatments than with a full body exfoliating, toning and moisturising treatment? Our fantastic Biologique Recherche treatments works using the Lotion P50 Skin Preparation Treatment, as well as a bio-reflex massage to help get rid of dead skin cells to soften your skin whilst toning it and leaving it refined. Helping to make your skin look younger and smoother by targeting areas which lose their elasticity, you’ll feel renewed and re-energized after this indulgent treatment. These are some of the lifestyle changing treatments and therapies available at EF MEDISPA, find out more about our complete treatment list and give your body the boost it deserves by clicking here.        
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