Award at Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2016 Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2016How to ensure you get the best results from your beauty treatments Safety in beauty is something we feel very passionate about at EF MEDISPA, and after winning Clinic of the Year at the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2016 we thought it was time we gave you our top tips on what to look for in clinics and Practitioners to ensure you get the safest and best possible results from your treatment. We have all seen scare stories of cosmetic procedures gone wrong and serious injuries caused by poorly qualified therapists using advanced techniques and machines. We also know it can be especially hard if it’s your first time getting aesthetic treatments to know where to go. A lot of the time, clients let price guide their final decision, but this shouldn’t be the way, cheapest isn’t always the best, there is a lot more to take into consideration than how much money a treatment is going to set you back.  EF Medispa ClinicWhat you should look for in a Cosmetic or Aesthetic Clinic? First things first, when you’re thinking about having any kind of aesthetic treatment, whether it be a facial, laser or cosmetic surgery, you should research the clinic you wish to have it at. When taking into consideration different clinics you should look into their testimonials, what have other people said about this clinic, have they had good results, what qualifications do the team have, and are the Aestheticians undertaking regular constant training? It is also imperative that no matter what treatment you’re having you are offered a consultation beforehand, this gives the Aesthetician a chance to go through your medical history, assess your concerns and ensure that you are offered the best possible beauty treatment to give you the results you’re after without any complications. Are they up to date with the latest technologies in beauty? The results you get from a beauty treatment will rely on the machinecutting-edge machines used as much as the therapist. In order to provide clients with the safest, most effective treatment, the clinic you visit should be using the latest, most cutting-edge machines from well acknowledged suppliers with significant research and testing behind them. Although any reputable clinic will be able to provide you with all the relevant information before a treatment, if you wish to know more about the machine then do ask the clinic as they should be happy to provide you with it. Another important aspect to take into a consideration when having any machine led treatment is that you have a patch test first. Different skin types can have reactions to machines so it is most important that the clinic does a patch test on you at least 24 hours before your treatment. A high quality clinic will outline all possible reactions from these powerful treatments during the consultation. TreatmentAre the Practitioners and Therapists the best available? Depending on the treatment you’re having there will be certain qualifications that your Practitioner requires. If you’re having any type of injectable then you should ensure that you’re being seen by a qualified Nurse or Doctor that has experience in their field, a true understanding of the anatomy of the face and excellent client testimonials. However, even treatments we deem completely non-invasive and low risk like facials should be undertaken by a highly trained Aesthetician. Facials will often be personalised to your skin, meaning the Aesthetician must have a thorough understanding of different skin types and how to treat them. Using the wrong products and ingredients can exacerbate serious skin conditions, leaving you worse off than you started. They should also be able to recommend skincare you can use in the future to help you maintain the results. You must remember that a facial is not a magic wand! You need to invest time in looking after your skin’s condition to maintain that post facial glow. Ensuring you get the most with Surgical treatments If you’re planning on undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, then it is not just your Doctor you should be looking into, but also the aftercare plan following the procedure. One of our most popular treatments, Vaser Lipo, includes a comprehensive aftercare programme, including massaging treatments that will help aid the results, and follow up/review appointments with the Doctor and aftercare team to ensure that the client is healing properly, and that the results are what they had in mind. It is vital to ensure that you will receive this kind of aftercare program with any kind of surgical treatment. Honestly truly is the best policy Vaser Lipo When it comes down to safety in beauty, you also play a massive role. It is crucial you’re completely honest with your Practitioner about any medical conditions and medicine that you’re taking, as well as your lifestyle choices. These can all be big contraindications, and can stop your treatments from working, whilst also being a risk to your health and safety. Be honest from the get go and ensure you get the safest and most effective treatment for you in your unique situation! 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