Travel Skincare Regime… just in time for Fashion Week!

Travel Skincare Regime by EF MEDISPAParis Fashion Week is upon us. One of the craziest, most inspiring and fascinating weeks of the year!  For all those traveling during this time, hectic catwalk schedules and late night after-parties can leave you looking less than your best – not ideal when sitting front row. Though your style may be on point, healthy skin is what makes your appearance flawless and no-one wants to suffer dry or lifeless skin. Spending time in a dry, pressurised airplane cabin draws a lot of precious moisture from your skin. Therefore, all frequent or occasional flyers need to slightly enhance their skincare routine during those days. We have prepared a full face and body travel skincare regime to help you prepare your skin before you fly as well as restoring any damage after your flight.

In the lead up to your flight:

Before Flight
  • The night before take-off apply the B5 Hydrating Masque from SkinCeuticals to a clean face and allow your skin to breath overnight. Perfect for all skin types, this product has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 that will leave your skin smooth and plumped.
  • Use the Cosmedix Spray Mystic on top of your make-up.  Apply it when you wake in the mornings or even as a top moisturiser periodically throughout the day.  This revitalising light spray is mainly comprised of minerals and water and leaves the face feeling refreshed and protected from dehydration.
  • Your lips also need attention, do not neglect them. Biokiss Balm from Biologique Recherche is our recommendation. Rich in botanical lipids, this highly active formula will protect, nourish and repair your lips throughout your trip.

Prepare your body before flight:Creme defatigate

  • Macom Crystal Smooth pants are especially made to improve micro circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Wear them on top or underneath your outfit and enjoy the comfort they are offering while silently treating the orange peel texture.
  • The morning of your flight, don't forget to include the Biologique Recherche Crème Defatigante. This powerful product will leave your legs feeling light and heavenly.  It is also great to use after your trip or an intense workout.

After your flight, exfoliate and hydrate your face to restore any damage:

  • Purity Cleanse is a delightful rich cleanser which will leave your skin free of dirt and grimy pores. This marvelous Cosmedix product is infused with cool peppermint and tea tree oils to rejuvenate the skin as well as lavender to keep it balanced.
  • The Dermaquest C Infusion Mask is a gentle, hydrating formula full of antioxidants, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acids that will rejuvenate your skin, bringing back your youthful glow!

Pamper yourself with some amazing body treatments to restore your skin’s texture and release all trapped toxins:

after body

  • Gommage P50 Corps is an excellent product to eliminate dead cells and remove impurities that cling to the skin.
  • Huile Detente's relaxing formula relieves tension and gives you a feeling of nirvana.  Its anti-stress formula made specifically with Lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils will relax and revitalise your body instantly.

Once you are home, give your skin a total overhaul:

Electro Lymphatic Therapy

Visit one of our clinics and book a course of LED Luminous Lift treatments to restore your skin’s hydration levels. Lay back and relax while the LED lights repair and rejuvenate your skin's outer layers for a luminous glow.

Usually after a trip you will experience puffiness as your body tends to retain fluids. Try our Electro Lymphatic Therapy to unclog your lymphatic system, remove toxins and ease that bloated tummy whilst enjoying a relaxing massage.    
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