Vitamin D Awareness Week This week is Vitamin D Awareness Week (23rd-29th October) and we’ll be taking you through the importance of Vitamin D to your body. The public campaign aims to raise awareness of the health issues surrounding Vitamin D deficiency which many are unaware of.

Are you deficient?

Vitamin D is essential in keeping your teeth, bones and muscles healthy and has a positive impact on your immune system. Due to lack of exposure to sunlight or an unbalanced diet it’s common for many of us to be deficient in vitamin D, not realising as the symptoms are subtle. If you are vitamin D deficient you may notice some of the following symptoms: • A weak immune system, getting sick or catching the flu easily • Fatigue • Aches and pains in muscles, bones and back • Loss of hair Vitamin D Awareness Week Although sunlight plays a large part in the production of vitamin D, your diet is just as important. Oily fish, egg yolks, red meat and liver are some of many foods that can help the production of Vitamin D.

Stay protected

Although sun exposure is important to produce vitamin D, it’s essential to stay protected whether you have a deficiency or not. Poor protection from the sun can lead to skin cancer and a recent Twitter poll with our followers told us that 56% do not wear sunscreen during the winter. The UV rays from the sun are just as strong in the winter than the summer. We sell a range of SPF products at our EF MEDISPA clinics and DermaQuest Sunarmor SPF 50 is the perfect product for protection and hydration as it promotes collagen production, leaving you with brighter skin.

Competition time!

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