When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself ‘’I look really good today”? We all have parts of our bodies that we dislike and wish we could change in some way, and it’s pretty normal to think that. Problem skin, too much hair and body weight are just a few common concerns, but there are simple ways that we can improve our lifestyle to help us embrace our uniqueness and begin the journey of self-love! Check out our wellness guide, as well as some solutions that a good lifestyle might not fix, but will hopefully allow you to have the body of your dreams!

Mindfulness meditationMindfulness meditation - training your mind to see the good in every situation.

Sometimes the best thing to do at the end of a hectic week is to throw on your comfy clothes and pause to reflect on what you’ve achieved and what progress you’ve made, no matter how small. Research has found that mindfulness training not only helps our own brain, but the ways in which we engage with others and our work, as well as helping us to remain calm in difficult situations. It can even help us to see beyond the rose-tinted lenses and objectively analyse ourselves – all in the comfort of our own home. With all of those benefits, what’s not to love?  

ExerciseDon’t wish for a good body, work for it!

Exercise is a major component towards a generally healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to keep busy with an exercise regimen that keeps you motivated and active. Whether it’s a Zumba dance class, a run in the park with a friend, or a scenic hike in the countryside, any type of exercise not only makes you look good on the outside, but makes you feel good on the inside, with benefits including reduction of the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some types of cancer. It has also been proven that regular exercise can boost your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality, and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you don’t think you have the motivation to keep up with it, there are many fitness apps that allow you to set your own personal goals so you can go at your own pace – why not give it a go?

Balanced dietYou are what you eat (and drink)!

Sticking to a regular balanced diet is essential to achieving a healthy mind, and that includes drinking plenty of water throughout the day and staying away from sweet, sugary drinks. Try not to neglect your diet just because you’re feeling a bit low, use the opportunity to stock up on nutritious snacks and do a little research on some of the delicious, wholesome dishes you can now whip up in no time thanks to many health cooks and celebrity chefs – you may feel better just taking the trip out to buy so many healthy treats! Perhaps consider a food plan, setting aside a couple of hours one night to write down what meals you need to prepare for the week ahead. The benefit of this is that you can make sure you’re getting all the right vitamins and nutrients your body needs to feel happy and healthy, whilst enjoying the fact that you haven’t had to resort to another fast food dinner.

When a healthy lifestyle just isn’t enough… here’s to fixing the things it can’t change!

Here at EF MEDISPA, we understand that you may have insecurities that you’re desperate to change. That’s why we have a team of aesthetics experts that are specially trained in offering you the best treatments in the beauty industry. We’ve selected a couple of the treatments available at our Edgbaston clinic, which we think are the most successful in giving men and women, of all ages, that confidence boost to love their body a little bit more.

Laser hair removalWave goodbye to unwanted hair thanks to laser hair removal!

Did you know, the average woman shaves 7,700 times in her entire lifetime and the average man shaves 20,000 times? Luckily, EF MEDISPA has a solution to that, thanks to the innovative Soprano laser that painlessly removes 90% of those pesky hairs leaving you with irresistibly smooth skin. You will be amazed at the results laser hair removal has given so many of our clients, both men and women, and the confidence it’s given them when doing activities and wearing items of clothes they wouldn’t normally have the courage to try.  

Clear SkinWave goodbye to problem skin, say hello to a glowing complexion with ClearSkin™

Achieving that perfect, natural complexion is something we all desire to have in our lives, but sometimes it just isn’t that simple and we resort to piling on more and more make-up which only does more harm than good. Or even worse, over using skincare products which ultimately strips the essential oils we need to have healthy, glowing skin causing more irritation. ClearSkin™ at EF MEDISPA helps to contribute towards combating acne and the scarring it can produce, resulting in smoother, clearer, healthier skin so you can enjoy life not having to worry about covering up with copious amount of beauty products, and instead, allow you to use the correct products which complement your natural skin. Bad skin is one of most common denominators amongst men and women for low self-esteem, so if you’ve tried everything under the sun, perhaps you should consider this!

Dermal fillersLook 10 years younger with dermal fillers…

Is your skin drastically revealing your age? Or is there something you would like to change about your skin that only something such as fillers can achieve? An extremely popular treatment at our Edgbaston clinic, Dermal Fillers can be used to add volume to areas such as the lips, cheeks, bridge of the nose, as well as treating fine lines and wrinkles including areas around the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, décolletage and hands. The treatment is known for giving male and female clients that youthful, revived look, so if want to look young (instead of old!) and wise, we’ve got the treatment perfect for you. Remember, it’s your body, so you can make your own rules! You’ll be wearing the same skin for the rest of your life, so make the best of it! In honour of self-love month, we’ve launched an offer that is available for a limited time only! All you need to do is book in for a LED facial at our EF MEDISPA Edgbaston clinic and you will automatically be entered into our prize draw where you have the chance to win £180 worth of DermaQuest and Youngblood products. Just call 0121 454 8633 to book in your facial today, you’ve got until Saturday 24th February for your chance to win!
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