World Digestive Health Day It’s World Digestive health day today, an awareness day celebrated every year on May 29th. The day kicks off a 12-month campaign to raise awareness of digestive diseases and disorders. We understand that some suffer more than others with digestive health, so we’ve put together some top tips for preventative measures to help keep your digestive system at bay.   Importance of dietary fibre Did you know one of the main functions of fibre is to promote a healthy digestive system? There are two types of fibres we consume, soluble, which consist of beans, oats, fruits and veg and insoluble fibres, consisting of fibres, potatoes, nuts, wholegrains. Both types have specific roles to play in the digestive system, which is why it’s vital to keep a good balance. Fibre also helps to control our blood sugar levels, slowing the release of glucose into our bloodstream. Water intake Water intake We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it, stay hydrated! Water intake is vital for all functions of the body including digestion and elimination. Your body constantly looses water through breathing, sweating and digestion and a good water intake also helps breakdown food during the digestive process.     How to help your digestive system Pressotherapy treatment at EF MedispaMaintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated is essential, however sometimes you need to take an extra step to ensure your doing everything you can to keep your body happy. We offer Lymphatic drainage treatments such as Pressotherapy. Over time your body can become congested with toxins, reducing the flow between the vessels, nutrients and signals in the body, this can also have an impact on the function of our blood flow and immune system. Pressotherapy at EF MEDISPA uses a specialist body suit to pump pressured air through compartments. This pressured air helps to enhance the flow of the lymphatic system, unclogging toxins and enabling essential nutrients to travel across the body. If you suffer from poor gut health or are in need of a digestive cleanse, why not try a colonic.  Colonic Hydrotherapy at EF MEDISPA is our holistic body cleansing treatment that helps to remove unnecessary waste and harmful toxins from the body, a perfect way to refresh your body’s bacterial balance. The gentle procedure will be carried out by our colonic Hydrotherapist and will leave you feeling relaxed, healthy and refreshed. Competition time! Win a session of Pressotherapy It’s World Digestive Health Day and we’re giving you the chance to WIN a session of our Pressotherapy treatment at our clinic in Kensington. This advanced treatment uses pressured air to enhance the lymphatic flow, working to help unclog any trapped proteins or toxins. All you have to do to enter is click here, like our Facebook page and share the competition post! The competition ends on Tuesday 5th June.
Terms and conditions: This competition is open from 29th May 2018 up to 5th June 2018 11.59pm. This competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom, age 18 years old and over. To enter, participants must like the EF MEDISPA Facebook page and share the competition post. One (1) winner will be chosen at random after the closing date and will be notified within 7 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted within 3 days, an alternative winner may be chosen. EF MEDISPA reserve the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the competition. Prizes are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. The one (1) Pressotherapy treatment can be redeemed at EF MEDISPA Kensington only. All travel in relation to this competition must be covered for by the winner. Contestants entering agree to be bound by the above rules and regulations.
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