Now this is paradiseDo you have a holiday on the horizon? If you’re counting down the months, weeks and those all important hours until you’re sipping cocktails on a sandy beach or dancing until dawn, you may find this post comes in handy when it comes to helping you prepare. If you know you want to look and feel your best before you pack your suitcase, this is your EFMEDISPA holiday prep calendar. Let the countdown commence! 3 months to go Whether you’d like to look a little trimmer or you want to be full of energy to help you make the most of your trip, our expert nutritionists can help you take action. Our bespoke Diet and Nutrition Programmes can be tailored to target skin improvements, boost your energy levels and to help with weight loss and cellulite reduction. If the dimpled appearance of cellulite prone skin is a concern for you now is a good time to start treatments to tackle the problem – read about our bespoke approach to banishing cellulite in our recent blog post.  Finally, if you’re plagued by stubborn areas of fat that exercise doesn’t seem to shift, you could consider booking a course of our non-surgical Reduce by Vanquish treatment, which break down fat cells.   EF LED_0012 months to go Facial skincare isn’t something you can leave until the last moment before you fly as even gentler treatments can leave your skin feeling a little more sensitive, which is not good groundwork for time spent in the sun. To freshen up your skin, improve tone or work on problem lines, at two months to go it’s time to book in for a Facial or Peel. And, if sagging skin is a concern you could also call on our 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer treatment to give you a more tightened appearance by stimulating collagen regeneration. If you started your diet and nutrition plan the month before than by now you should be feeling leaner and any cravings for sweet or unhealthy foods should have stopped.   1 month to govanquish blog

By now you’re probably starting to turn your attention to packing, so if you need any product advice just let us know. We can give you guidance on which products can help you make the most of any treatments you’ve been having and also advice how to keep your skin hydrated, protected and suitably glowing. Naturally, you’ll want to pack an SPF but have you got anything with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C to give your skin a boost? If you’ve been tackling cellulite or stubborn fatty areas with one of our Bespoke Cellulite Packages then you should be on your 3rd or 4th session by now, and well on your way to seeing the results. Another slightly more embarrassing condition that many of us feel burdened by in the summer months is excessive sweating. It not only impacts your confidence but also your comfort. If this sounds like you then perhaps Hyperhidrosis Injectables should be on your agenda.

  EF LED_0021 week to go Along with frequently thinking “this time next week I will be...” by now you’ll be ticking off your final tasks to get you vacation ready. Along with exchanging your currency and switching on your out of office, make time for any final cellulite treatments and perhaps an LED Luminous Lift to rejuvenate your skin. Finally, get in the mood for some downtime with a relaxing Drip & Chill treatment for an instant pick me up. You needn’t be flying off to foreign climates to take advantage of our bespoke seasonal countdowns; whatever your plans for summer our friendly consultants will be happy to discuss your beauty goals and design a treatment schedule just for you.
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