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Summary of IPL Therapy

Procedure time

45 minutes

Back to work





1-2 days

Duration of results

Maintenance courses may be required


Course of 6 recommended*

What is IPL Therapy London?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is a gentle, safe and effective treatment to improve the appearance of many skin irregularities. This advanced light treatment can help to treat rosacea, thread veins, spider veins, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, sagging skin and many common signs of ageing. IPL Therapy London can provide an incredibly targeted treatment, focusing only on the areas of concern.

IPL uses a range of wavelengths that penetrate just below the skin’s surface where the melanin absorbs the light. This causes damage to the pigment forcing the skin’s natural defenses to come to the rescue. The body instinctively works to remove the damaged melanin and also releases repairing collagen at the same time. These two actions can produce incredible results to the appearance and texture of the treated areas. IPL Therapy London treatment usually takes around 45 minutes.

During this time, most clients say they usually experience a mild ‘pinging sensation’ as if being flicked by an elastic band. You can return to your normal daily activities directly after treatment. A patch test is required prior to your first treatment. Whilst improvement can be seen following 1 treatment, a course of 6 sessions is usually recommended for optimum results.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation London

Which types of skin concerns can be addressed with IPL Therapy London?

IPL for pigmentation

The range of wavelengths deployed during IPL Therapy targets the melanin (darker pigmentation) just beneath the surface of the skin. The light causes damage, which in turn causes the body to expel the damaged pigment from its system. This action reduces the appearance of uneven pigmentation by targeting only the darker areas of skin. In addition to the improvements in skin tone, skin texture is also improved thanks to the release of collagen encouraged by the treatment process.

IPL for fine lines & wrinkles

IPL Therapy in London is also an effective skin rejuvenation treatment. The wavelengths of light raise the temperature of the targeted areas forcing elastin and collagen to be released. These natural proteins help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking, more taut appearance. You will be able to notice improvement from the first treatment; however, a full course of treatments is recommended to achieve the very best results for your skin.

IPL for thread veins

IPL Therapy London can successfully treat unsightly thread veins on the face, chest and hands. The wavelengths of light heat and damage the walls of the blood vessels forcing them to collapse and eventually be reabsorbed by the body. Gradually the appearance of the veins fades out resulting in a much more even complexion.

Tailored to your concern

Which areas can be treated with IPL Therapy in London?

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy can be used to improve skin concerns on the face, chest and hands. The skin on these parts of the body is most often exposed to sun damage – IPL can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and pigmentation.

Why should you have IPL Therapy London at EF Medispa?

At EF MEDISPA we strive to offer our clients the most effective treatments in a safe and relaxing environment. IPL Therapy London is a quick and effective treatment that doesn’t require lenghty post-treatment downtime, making it a popular choice for many skin concerns on the face, chest and hands.

Our highly trained Therapists and Treatment Coordinators will discuss your individual concerns and goals, creating a tailored treatment plan to achieve the best results possible.

Our clinics offer a calm, friendly, private and sterile environment for your treatment to take place. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions before, during or after your treatment.

EF MEDISPA is a multi-award-winning chain of medispas and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and results.

To really understand why you should choose EF MEDISPA for IPL Therapy, please take a moment to read our testimonials.

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Before & After

Before IPL
After IPL

*Individual results may vary.

IPL Therapy in London Step by Step

  1. No obligation consultation

    Should you decide to proceed with IPL, your first step would be a complimentary consultation with one of our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators. During this initial consultation you will have the time to discuss your concerns and explain your desirable results. They will explain the treatment thoroughly, take your full medical history and book you in for a patch test to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

  2. Before the treatment

    Your therapist will perform your patch test at least 24 hours before the treatment to ensure you skin doesn’t react to the laser. They will also inform you on all the pre-treatment requirements you need to follow to ensure you are prepared.

  3. During treatment

    During the IPL Therapy, your Practitioner will cleanse your face to remove make up and impurities. Once your face is properly cleansed they will start the treatment and go across all the areas you wish to treat.

  4. After treatment

    Immediately after the treatment you should expect some redness and a feeling of a mild “sunburn” on the treated areas, symptoms that usually subside over the next few hours or within the next 2 days. You could also use make up right after the treatment to cover any unwanted redness.

IPL in London FAQs

Can I use IPL for hair removal?

IPL technology is also being used for hair removal, however, at EF MEDISPA, we only offer Laser Hair Removal instead of IPL. The reason for that is that IPL uses a wide spectrum of light that penetrates the skin’s surface and is not targeting any specific aspect of the hair, resulting in only some of the wavelengths of light to be reaching the follicles while the rest are reflected away. What Laser Hair Removal does instead is using laser technology to produce a single, concentrated wavelength of light that penetrates deeper into the skin to reach the base of the hair follicle and target the production of melanin.

Is IPL painful?

IPL is a more invasive light treatment that can be slightly uncomfortable, however, most of our clients tolerate the treatment without any need for anaesthetic cream.

Am I a suitable candidate for IPL?

Only after a thorough consultation with our Treatment Coordinator and a patch test, we can then decide whether you would be a suitable candidate for IPL.


I enjoy my treatments very much with Christina. All staff are very friendly and help me make my bookings to suit my schedule. I've seen my skin change with my IPL , QUICKLIFT and other general cleansing facials. I truly look forward to my appointments at EF MEDISPA

Verified Patient

Very happy with treatment with Becky for IPL

Verified Patient

Last IPL today was great

Verified Patient

Great results from IPL, staff is friendly and helpful!

Verified Patient

Had a very comfortable IPL session today with Maddie. It was quick and could see results straight after the session. Would recommend to friends to come and get IPL in this clinic.

Verified Patient