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HIFU by Ultraformer MPT - Before & After

Ultraformer MPT Before and After
Ultraformer MPT Before and After
Ultraformer MPT Before and After
Ultraformer MPT Before and After
Ultraformer MPT Before and After
Ultraformer MPT Before and After

*Individual results may vary.

Latest HIFU for Face, Neck & Body

  1. Fine lines & wrinkles
  2. Droopy eyelids
  3. Skin laxity
  4. Sagging skin
  5. Dull & uneven skin tone
  6. Double chin

HIFU by Ultraformer MPT

Ultraformer MPT, or Ultraformer 4, is a non-surgical, antiaging treatment we offer at EF MEDISPA that uses the latest HIFU technology of 2024 to provide more effective, fast and comfortable results. It induces a tightening and lifting effect on the skin using micropulse technology, which stimulates new collagen and elastin within the deepest layers of the skin to restore youthfulness.

This ultrasound treatment is suitable for face, neck and body concerns such as:

  • Double chin 
  • Sagging eyelids 
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Loose skin on larger areas such as the stomach and thighs

Improvement in skin rejuvenation can be seen after just one session, with only 2-3 sessions needed in total depending on the concern. It offers zero downtime, allowing you to resume with your daily activities, and only takes up to 45 minutes, depending on the targeted area. 

Why should you have Ultraformer MPT at EF MEDISPA?

We are continually investing in innovative, next-generation technology to provide our clients with the best results possible. EF MEDISPA is one of the first to introduce Ultraformer MPT treatment in the UK, bringing you a new and improved method of skin rejuvenation that delivers long-lasting, effective results.

We have been serving our clients for 16 years with 100,000+ satisfied clients. Multi-award winning clinics. We are rated 5 Stars on Doctify.

Rest assured, when you book with EF MEDISPA, our experienced staff will take you step by step to get you the ultimate result. A bespoke treatment plan will be provided upon discussion to align with your needs and concerns. 

How is Ultraformer MPT different to Ultraformer 3?

Ultraformer MPT is a replacement of Ultraformer 3. Its ability to work 2.5 times faster than the Ultraformer 3 allows for reduced treatment times, whilst simultaneously delivering energy 25 times finer for more precise results. With its improved hand pieces, Ultraformer MPT guarantees less pain and a more comfortable experience.

Summary of Ultraformer MPT

Procedure time

Up to 45 minutes

Back to work






Duration of results

Maintenance courses may be required


Course of 2-3 recommended*

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Discuss your individual concerns, get advice about different treatment options and have a bespoke treatment programme designed for you.

Which clinic would you like to visit?

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Step by step Ultraformer MPT

  1. No obligation consultation

    Firstly, you will meet with one of our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators. During a complimentary consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss thoroughly all your concerns and beauty goals. After taking your full medical history they will assess whether you are the right candidate for this treatment and guide you through the entire process.

  2. Meet your practitioner

    Should you decide to proceed with this treatment you will book your first appointment with one of our highly trained therapists who will explain how the treatment works and talk about expected results and time frames.

  3. During treatment

    The treatment involves a special cartridge that your therapist will run over the area you would like to treat. This treatment utilises ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen regeneration for a long-lasting lifting and tightening effect.

  4. After treatment

    This is a non-invasive, comfortable treatment that does not involve any downtime. After the treatment you can experience slight redness and a tingly sensation that will quickly subside. It is a fast and effective treatment that does not require taking days off and you can resume to normal activities immediately after.


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I’m absolutely thrilled by the Ultraformer treatment. Having two children took its toll leaving loose skin on my stomach that I couldn’t get rid of. Even from my first session with Ultraformer I could see noticeable difference and now after a full course I’m feeling like my old self again.


Ultraformer III

I had my lip cosmetic injectables with Dr Marco today for the first time and I have to say my lips have never looked so good straight after! No bruises, no swelling, I was ready to go back to work. He was super quick and made the whole experience really comfortable for me. I will highly recommend Dr Marco and I will definitely be back!!

Verified Patient


I had a wonderful experience and absolutely happy with not only the outstanding customer service but also with the quality result. Irina is my therapist and she has been fantastic, not only did she explain each session's possible outcomes but also recommended further options and treatments that would go perfectly with my treatment. Highly recommended clinic at all levels, cleanliness and appointment bookings is also something worth noting. Thanks Irina

Verified Patient

Face & Body Treatments

I'm completely thrilled with the result. I look, I think, subtly better and completely natural. Not years younger, but fresher, brighter and more cheerful. As promised, my jawline is tighter, my cheeks firmer, my brows more elegantly arched and even my thinning upper lip looks fuller and more upturned. Within a couple of weeks of living with my new face, it felt completely mine.

Leah Hardy

Temporal Lift

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