10 years EF MEDISPAThis year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and look back on how much we’ve grown since we opened the first EF MEDISPA on Kensington Church Street. We now have 4 clinics within London in Chelsea, St Johns Wood and Canary Wharf. We also welcomed our first franchise out of London this year in Bristol, with plans to open many more over the coming years. Not only have we expanded in size, but our treatments have evolved over the years too as technology has grown and clients concerns change.

Anti-ageing, a concern we all faceUltraformer

Ever since we first opened our doors, we’ve had clients come through looking for treatments that will reverse the effects of ageing. When we first opened in 2007 we mainly offered facials and IPL Rejuvenation to tackle this, but as we have grown and new technologies have emerged there is so much more that can be done. Treatments include our new 3D Skinlift by Ultraformer, which uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin, giving remarkable anti-ageing results.

A change in desired body shape

Liposuction has been around for years, and is a popular treatment for clients that are looking to remove stubborn fat. However, we’ve noticed a change in the body shapes people desire. When we first opened, people were looking to simply remove fat, but now we see more clients coming to us wanting to have liposuction to sculpt their body. Our Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction can be used to remove fat and shape the definition of muscles, giving clients a more chiselled silhouette.

Time-poor treatments on the rise

These days’ clients have less time for treatments as they’re busy with work and other commitments. This has meant that non-surgical alternatives are becoming increasingly more popular. Instead of the traditional Rhinoplasty, we see many clients coming in for fillers to get their desired nose shape. The same can be said for facelifts, clients are opting for quick less-invasive treatments like our Liquid Lift, a combination of anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers that restore lost volume in the face whilst smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce by VanquishMore less invasive treatments with better results

Over the past 10 years we’ve really seen technology advance to be able to provide people with less invasive procedures that still give impressive results. A great example of this is Reduce by Vanquish, a non-invasive and relaxing treatment that uses radiofrequency to target fat cells by heating them up and breaking them down, resulting in impressive inch-loss.

What does the future see?

The future for EF MEDISPA will see us launching an alternative treatment for clients’ inner health. We will be working with an external partner to offer clients a therapy which uses certain elements from their own stem cells to help aid the repair of damaged tissue and stimulate regeneration. This kind of therapy can help a variety of different ailments from muscle aches and pains, degenerative conditions (including Parkinsons Disease, Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease and more) and as regenerative medicine. The therapy involves taking a small amount of fat from the abdomen by minor liposuction (as fat is full of stem cells). After careful lab work, the microvesicles (“the magic sauce”) from your own cells are intravenously put back into the body as a cell-free therapy to repair and rejuvenate the areas that are most in need. To find out more about all the different treatments we offer call us today on 020 3135 0246 or book a consultation here.
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