IMG_4136-2Kim has worked in the field of nutrition, diet and health for many years. She will work with you to help find a diet plan and programme that fits into your every day routine, whether this be a busy lifestyle, that you enjoy food, or perhaps need practical solutions to improve your health but doesn't leave you feeling deprived of everything that you enjoy. There are many reasons for requesting Nutritional advice and can range from digestive niggles, low energy levels, nagging headaches and stubborn weight gain. If it be the case that you suffer from specific health complaint which you would like to address, EF MEDISPA can offer the very best Nutritional support and advice. Book your Consultation Today

 Q&A with Kim Pearson

I’m so confused with current eating guidelines, what’s the baddy? Fat or sugar? To answer this simply, sugar is the baddy. It’s the primary cause of obesity and weight gain, it accelerates ageing and it’s linked to an ever-increasing list of diseases. Sugars are not a necessary part of the diet. Fats on the other hand are essential to health. Omega 3 essential fats from oily fish and some types of nuts and seeds are particularly beneficial but often lacking in the diet so it’s important to eat these sources regularly. The fats to avoid are those in processed foods (cakes, biscuits, pastries, processed meats, etc.), margarines and deep fried foods. What foods should I be eating every day? Vegetables! We should all be eating more veggies. Good sources of proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic fruits, nuts and seeds should also make up the daily diet. Can diet really help dry skin? Absolutely. Topical creams can only do so much – if dry skin is triggered by a dietary issue, such as a nutritional deficiency for example, then you are never going to address the root cause of the problem with a cream alone. It’s essential to address nutrition. What quick and healthy lunches can I take to the office? Salads are a fantastic option and they don’t have to be boring. Try making a salad with left over roasted Mediterranean vegetables from your dinner the night before and use flavor some leaves such as rocket, watercress and spinach. Add in protein such as smoked salmon, prawns or a hardboiled egg and top with seeds such as pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Frittatas also make a delicious lunch. They are easy to make and keep in the fridge for a couple of days. What are the best foods for detoxing? The best way to help your body detox is to stop putting toxic food into it in the first place! You can help your body the most by cutting down on refined and processed foods, fried and fatty foods, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre and nutrients that can support the elimination of waste products out of the system. Why is it important to optimise my diet after having Vaser Liposuction? Whilst Vaser liposuction is effective at removing small pockets of fat, it is not a solution for weight loss. If you remove fat cells from one problem area then fat cannot be deposited in this area again but unless you address your diet, the body will find a new area to store excess fat in. For this reason it is essential to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, designed to suit your needs. Good nutrition can also help the body heal and recover from surgery as effectively as possible. Are gluten free products good? Do they make a difference? Not all gluten free products are created equal. Whilst some are healthy and nutritious versions of gluten containing foods, others are processed and high in sugar. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because something is gluten free that it’s healthy. Is coconut water all it claims to be? Coconut water is fantastic. It’s naturally hydrating due to its electrolyte content – these are minerals that include potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium and are essential for regulating hydration. The natural sugar content varies from brand to brand so opt for a product that is lowest in sugars. Should we avoid dairy and substitute almond milk and other nut milks? As humans we are not designed to eat dairy products. Sometime after the weaning period most adults lose the ability to digest milk and milk products and therefore dairy products can be associated with a number of health complaints. These can vary from digestive complaints to skin conditions and many more. Unsweetened nut milks such as almond milk make the perfect alternative. They’re what I personally use myself for my protein and berry smoothie every morning. What are the biggest nutritional myths? That fat is bad for you and related to this, that low fat foods are a good option. If you take out fat then you need to replace the flavour somehow so this is often done by adding sugar or artificial additives making it much less healthy than the original! That we ‘need’ sugar for energy. We don’t. Sugar may give us an immediate hit of energy but that is sure to be followed by a steep drop that will result in lower energy levels in the long run. That dairy products are the only source of calcium and without them in the diet our bones will crumble. There is plenty of calcium available from vegetable sources!
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