Over the years, we have been bombarded with plenty of acne myths either based on insufficient scientific research or random rationalisations. Is the sun a danger to my skin? Am I cleansing enough? Is make-up my friend or foe?  We want to break down some of the most popular acne myths once and for all! Sun is good for acne1. Acne is a teenage condition Common in teenagers, acne runs riot in puberty as the sebaceous glands are more sensitive to hormones at this stage. However, it is definitely not limited to adolescence. Acne can continue well into adulthood and can be caused by a variety of things such as unsuitable cosmetic products, medication and hormonal changes. 2. Sun is good for acne There isn’t any conclusive evidence to support that exposure to the sun improves acne. Due to the fact that sun light reduces redness, and gives us a beautiful tan, myths have been circulated about its effects on acne. This temporary covering of imperfections has led us to believe that sun exposure can resolve acne. Believe it or not, the sun can dehydrate our skin, triggering it to produce excess oil that can result in more break outs. The majority of medications and treatments used to combat acne can increase sensitivity to sunlight. Therefore, if you suffer from acne make sure you add a strong SPF to your skin regime. 3. You can put make up on It is only natural to want to cover acne whilst you attempt to correct it. However, you do need to be cautious and seek out for professional advice on the type of products you use. Brands like Young Blood provide 'luxury mineral makeup', which exclude chemicals and substances, that often irritate the skin. Even mineral makeup can affect really sensitive skin, so make sure you remove your make up before you go to bed.  No one likes mascara on their pillow. 4. Stronger products are better productsWoman using face cleansing product Most people think that the stronger the product, the better the results. Busted! Treating your skin with overly harsh products could lead to increased irritation, which may prolong the problem. That is why you should always talk to skin experts when it comes to treating acne and let them assess your skin and create a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your needs. 5. Cleansing more often means less acne Whether you believe in the double cleanse or not, there is no guarantee that you will rid yourself of those pesky pimples by over cleansing. In fact, depending on the ingredients of the products you use, you can end up stripping the skin of its natural PH. Over cleansing will cause your skin to produce more of its natural oil, worsening acne. Similarly to point number 4, following a bespoke regime with products that are best suited to your skins type and condition is best. Tailoring your treatment At EF MEDISPA we understand that everybody’s skin is different, and that it is important to tailor treatments according to your skin’s need and lifestyle.  We have witnessed great results over the years, and our clients are a testament of our hard work and dedication to intelligent skincare. Our highly experienced professionals and extensive range of bespoke acne treatments will reassure you you’re in the right hands. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert Treatment Coordinators today and begin your journey to a healthy, glowing complexion.
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