In December, we ran a competition and gave the opportunity for someone to win a course of acne treatments. We were looking for someone who had been suffering from acne, giving them a chance to share their story. Our winner, Gemma started noticing changes in her skin 5-6 years ago where she would suffer from breakouts and redness. She has since tried a number of products including cleansers and gels which hasn’t made a difference. We spoke to Gemma following her treatments and discussed her story and experience at EF MEDISPA. “Before looking into ClearSkin I felt like exhausted with all the acne products that promised to clear my skin up. After I had my first consultation at EF MEDISPA I felt more at ease and optimistic about how my skin would be after the course of treatments. So far I’ve had a few ClearSkin treatments. I personally haven’t experienced any redness or swelling afterwards, so have been able to continue my daily routine. I’ve also had a peel treatment in combination with ClearSkin to help with some congestion. Through the experience so far my Therapist has been really attentive, I’ve learnt a lot about my skin type and what the best way to look after it. My day-to-day skincare routine has changed a fair bit, but I’ve been pretty interested in learning what my skin needs and haven’t found it too hard to keep up. My day starts with using The Essential Daily Cleanser from Dermaquest followed by one of two serums I have (Dermaclear serum, Stem cell rebuilding complex by Dermaquest). I then follow this with sunscreen and moisturiser before I apply any makeup. In the evenings I’m using the Dermaclear cleanser from Dermaquest. My therapist  recently recommended the BHA cleanser (twice a week) for a more intense cleanse to help reduce some congestion.  Again, after cleansing I follow with a serum, I’m rotating between the Dermaclear serum and the Stem Cell serum.

Along with the treatments, I have noticed my skin has started to clear up some redness and old marks from previous breakouts. I’ve noticed my skin is starting to feel a lot smoother, with an improvement in texture - especially within the last few weeks and if I do have a breakout it’s nowhere near as bad as before. Overall I feel like this is starting to make me a lot happier about the appearance of my skin and I look forward to see how it improves from here” You can watch Gemma’s experience so far here. Stay tuned in to our Instagram, YouTube and Twitter profile where we will reveal Gemma’s before and after’s following the completed course of treatments.
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