Anti Ageing – health and beauty from the experts

This year is all about boosting inner wellness for outer beauty. At EF MEDISPA we know that beauty literally comes from within, and inner wellbeing will always work towards boosting your beauty treatments for optimum results. We asked our industry expects to answer your questions, giving us the low down on anti ageing from the inside out...

“What can I do to help me feel refreshed and energised?”

EXPERT OPINION - Colonic Hydrotherapist Victoria Cooper explains why regular colonics are so beneficial to anti-ageing COLONIC"The liver and kidneys are our main detoxification organs and, in the normal course of events, the greatest repository of toxicity in the body is unexpelled waste from the gut. Also, some of the waste that is trapped can contain heavy metals (from cigarette smoke, air pollution and other sources) and other chemical residues, which take their toll on our health and overall well-being.” EXPERT OPINION - Founder of BoBo’s Juicery tells us why she would recommend her Nutritionist approved green juice ‘A Bit of Ruff(age)’ BOBOSS “People really love this juice, they can taste the combination of effective, natural ingredients and visibly see the hydration in their skin, feeling the nutrients flood their system straight to the blood stream. It also contains a tiny bit of fruit which satisfies the sugar craving either mid morning or the 4pm crash! Ingredients include Apple, Cucumber, Ginger, Kale, Lemon and Pear.”

“I feel like my age is starting to show on my face – not just lines and wrinkles but my face shape and skin tone. Help!”

MOIRAEXPERT OPINION - Moira Wong Orthodontics tell us how specialist orthodontics can vastly improve your facial structure, supporting your beauty treatments   “The contour of the face and lips relies on two elements: facial tissue (including fat and muscle) and bone structure (cheekbones, jaw and teeth). Changes in your bone structure not only give you a better smile, they also improve your lip support, making injectable treatments look much more natural.” EXPERT OPINION - Violeta Negrea, EF MEDISPA’s Head of Therapist Training and a former therapist herself recommends the Dermapen with AQ Recovery Serum for fantastic anti ageing resultsDERMAPEN “The Dermapen combined with the AQ Recovery Serum leads to incredible results! The AQ Recovery Serum dramatically improves the appearance of ageing, damaged, and post-procedure skin with a highly concentrated formula that transforms skin to a younger state and fortifies the skin’s ability to repair any damage that causes signs of ageing.“

 “I look after my skin but feel my body lets me down and makes me look older...”

EXPERT OPINION - Our in house Nutritionist Kim Pearson advices not to yo yo diet but to incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle that is packed full with anti ageing foods. She gives us some handy meal recommendations here “Good nutrition is essential to help optimise your skin's health from the inside. Certain foods can have powerful anti-ageing effects; they can protect from sun damage, hydrate the skin and promote health collagen synthesis.”NUTRITION Breakfast: Protein Berry Smoothie This breakfast is packed full of anti-oxidants from the berries which help combat age promoting free radical damage. LunchSeafood Salad Seafoods such as mussles are rich in trace minerals such as selenium, a potent antioxidant. Red peppers are a rich source of vitamin C which is essential for healthy collagen synthesis. NUTRITION2 Dinner: Salmon with spicy salsa Wild salmon is a great source of omega 3 which is essential for healthy skin cell membranes and for protecting against dry skin. FAT EXPERT OPINION - EF MEDISPA Founder Esther Fieldgrass discusses why Fat Transfer is so popular for those looking to enhance their curvy figures rather than just losing weight – “This minimally invasive procedure works by using Vaser Liposuction to remove the unwanted fat, say for example from the thighs. This fat is then injected into the breast and buttocks. As it uses your own body fat, it is a completely natural process and you achieve the curvy, natural figure you are after.”