Esther Fieldgrass’ top 5 products

Whilst we are still enjoying an Indian summer here in London, it’s starting to feel cooler in the evenings and my thoughts are turning to the colder months. Seasonal changes can play havoc with the skin, the change in temperature, levels of sunlight and humidity can leave your skin stressed, dehydrated and prone to reaction. Your Autumnal skincare routine should focus on healing the skin after sun exposure and preparing it for the harshness of winter. Here are my top five products that will guide you through the changeable weather leaving you with a healthy balanced complexion that simply glows with radiance.  

BR mask

 1). Biologique Recherche - Biomagic Mask

This energizing mask is fabulous! From the first use your skin will look noticeably brighter, lifted and firmer.  The mineral ingredients boost blood circulation leaving your skin beautifully soft and smooth.  The results are cumulative so regular use will stack up the firming benefits.  


2). Cosmedix - Affirm

This antioxidant firming serum reduces the effects of sun and environmental damage, making it perfect for anyone who has overdone the sun this summer or has noticed the signs of sun damage on their complexion. Regular use will leave the skin feeling firmer and more refined.   skinceuticals-resveratrol-b-e-antioxidant-night-serum

3). SkinSceuticals RESVERATROL B E Night Serum

Overnight is the perfect time to use a powerful product that will help repair our skin, and provide a dose of hydration. This powerful serum is fantastic for countering the effects of free radical damage, repairing the skin and promotes elasticity, giving us a firm, healthy complexion.  

dermquest sunblock4). Dermaquest- Tinted Sunblock

We all know how important it is to use a year round sunblock to protect against sun damage.  The Dermaquest tinted sunblock is a remarkable product.  The SPF30 protects your skin from sun damage and free radicals. It’s a beautiful light-weight product that absorbs quickly leaving no residue.   BR MRH creme

5). Biologique Recherche - Crème MSR-H

This is a wonderful firming product is ideal for ageing and hormonal skin.  Natural yam and soya extracts are combined with a special oxygenising complex that brightens firms and tones.  Regular use balances, strengthens and tones the skin.   So if your post-summer skin is looking dull and needs a little nurturing, rethink your skin routine before the harsh cold winds of winter ravage your complexion. All of these products are available in our clinics. Why not book an appointment to receive an expert skin analysis and be guided through the products that give you the complexion of your dreams. Contact us today to speak to one of our skin care experts.
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