Body Treatments with Our Half Price Offer Book a course now and get another half price from 1st August* Body Treatments Reduce by Vanquish A non-invasive alternative to reduce stubborn fat, this cutting-edge body contouring treatment utilises radiofrequency technology to reduce cellulite in thighs and arms with fast and permanent results. Best of all, Reduce by Vanquish has requires zero downtime and is virtually pain-free Radiofrequency A unique form of body treatment with high-calibre results, Radiofrequency combines radiofrequency energy with ultrasound technology to trigger the production of collagen. This comfortable fat-reducing treatment works on multiple layers of skin and provides results that get better with time.   Body Treatments Cellufix by T-shape Pain-free with a plethora of unique cellulite-reducing factors, Cellufix by T-shape can be a saviour for those who regularly exercise yet cannot lose the last bit of cellulite. Cellufix by T-shape can help you to lose inches of cellulite whilst toning and firming the skin. Vibrosculpt by Endosphères Sometimes we suffer from stubborn fat that just won’t seem to go no matter what we do. Vibrosculpt by Endosphères is a unique body treatment for both men and women that will target and reduce the appearance of stubborn localised fat. This popular treatment also tones and tightens your body and can help with inch loss. Vibrosculpt Book Now to Take Advantage of Our Offer Ensure you contact us as soon as possible to ensure you get a place on our 2nd course half-price offer as spaces are limited. *Terms & Conditions: Offer ends on 31st August. It only applies when a treatment is booked. This offer excludes medical/surgical or injectables treatments. Discount applied to the lowest valued course.
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