Bottoms up – Blast that spotty botty

Spotty BottyThe time has come to talk about spotty botties. Why? Well you don’t need me to tell you that it’s bikini season. But beyond that, we at EF have always tried to tackle those taboo problems that no one else will talk about – far less actually help you solve them. And a number of you have come to us saying that the state of your butts is now topping your summer body fear list. Which is we’re dedicating June to all things peachy and smooth as a proverbial baby’s botty. After spending month after winter month encased in airless jeans and sweaty tights, the skin on our bottoms can become prone to the one thing no one wants to admit to having: spots. Enter stage left the ‘Bacial’, (bottom facial) - a treatment dedicated to combating excess sebum production on your cheeky bits. Then once spots are firmly back under control, we have a five-step, foolproof plan to getting you buns of steel to rival Jane Fonda’s in her leg warmer days…
  1. ULTRASOUND – to vacuum out fat pockets so you can see the back of cellulite.
  1. RADIOFREQUENCY – to lift those sagging buttocks. Because no matter how many squats you do in the gym, gravity has a way of taking its toll.
  1. MESOTHERAPY – to even out the skin tone and combat scarring. If you’ve gone to the trouble of banishing those pimples, you may need to hide the evidence.
  1. A HOME TAN – a bronzed botty always looks perkier somehow. With your newly smooth skin, your fake glow will also look more even and last longer
  1. OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENTS – I’ve been taking these for years and swear by them. We’re all guilty of succumbing to stress or going through periods where we just don’t eat as well as we should. Taking a dose of these essential fatty acids goes some way to redressing that balance – giving you smoother, more toned skin from the inside out.
Then once it’s smooth, pert, perky and radiant, your bottom will of course, want to show off in a whole new wardrobe. Tell it to pop into Petits Bisous on the King’s Road –we know it won’t be disappointed.
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