Cleanse before Christmas with Chris JamesOver the years we have worked very closely with our good friend Chris James of Chris James Mind & Body. His premium health and lifestyle brand offers a well-rounded solution for a healthier mind, body, spirit and soul. Chris created a number of detox cleanses, all with specific purposes and goals. With Christmas just around the corner, we thought what better way to prepare for the festivities then to hit reset on your body with a cleanse. Chris first introduced his 12 day cleanse in 2004, a 12 day program to help achieve optimum health and vitality. The cleanse creates a healthy template for life and Chris mentions the benefits range from weight loss, increased energy levels and improved skin. For more details about the 12Days cleanse click here. Along with 12 Day Cleanse, Chris also wrote his first book, one-part theory and one part and practical, focusing on the gut and featuring vegan menu plan, yoga poses to improve digestion and more.

Gorgeous Greens

Chris has also introduced other detox programs such as Gorgeous Greens. This cleanse is a daily organic superfood powder supplement with enzymes, created to strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels and improve bowl regularity. The programme includes 20 sachets for a 1-month supply and can be consumed in fresh orange juice or delicious smoothie recipes. This detox is packed with nutrients and is perfect if you’re not consuming the right amounts of greens daily.

3R Cleanse3R Cleanse

The 3R cleanse is a 3 day cleanse that comes in a sachet powder formula, perfect to add to fresh juices and smoothies. This cleanse targets the gut and detoxifies the organs to help you feel less bloated. Results can also give you a glow of radiant skin and a boost of energy levels. As the 4R cleanse is only 3 days, it’s a quick and easy detox to help you get prepared for a holiday or special occasion. We would recommend the 3R Cleanse once a month to keep things moving along.   Tried and testedChris James At EF MEDISPA we love to take care of our bodies inside and out, whether that’s with exercise or with a detox cleanse. Our Assistant Training Manager, Kira was interested in trying the “12 Days” cleanse, which Chris James describes as “the ultimate holistic wellness program”. Kira tried and tested the 12 Day cleanse and saw a noticeable difference. “The detox was so much easier than I thought, I definitely had more energy and felt lighter and less bloated”. To find out more about the Chris James Cleanses we have available at EF MEDISPA, call us today on 0203 135 0020 or book a complimentary consultation here to talk about our other body cleanse packages.      
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