The summer is here, bringing higher temperatures and more sun throughout the day. Whilst you’re preparing for annual leave or evenings socialising with friends to make the most of the weather, you may have certain body confidence concerns with wearing less this season.

You may be concerned with exposing certain areas of your body during the Summer that you may have struggled to tackle over the winter months. One of the most common concerns men may have during this time is that of ‘man-boobs’, or to be precise, Gynaecomastia. If the thought of only wearing a t-shirt this summer or bearing your torso in public leaves you feeling anxious because of the presence of ‘man-boobs’, you’ll be interested to know there are methods to help reduce the appearance of Gynaecomastia; but how and why does it affect some men? Gynaecomastia – Cause and Effect  

Gynaecomastia – Cause and Effect

In short, Gynaecomastia is the enlargement of a man’s breasts, usually due to a hormone imbalance. The condition can often occur in men from their teenage years to later in life. This can start from only a minor amount of extra tissue around the nipple area to a much more prominent build-up, creating the appearance of ‘man-boobs’ or ‘moobs’, as they are commonly known. In small cases, this could also be a painful experience; but what causes this to happen? There can be a variety of factors that contribute to the development of Gynaecomastia, that include:
  • Hormone imbalances – If the level of testosterone and oestrogen in the body is imbalanced, specifically if too much oestrogen is present, this will cause the breast tissue to grow. Most commonly, men will have more testosterone present that stops this happening.
  • Obesity – A common cause of Gynaecomastia is being overweight as this causes an increase in the level of oestrogen present. Additionally, having excess fat around the chest area can enlarge male breasts.
  • Puberty – due to hormone levels varying during puberty, this may cause the level of oestrogen to rise. Usually, as men age from puberty, this should reduce, but sometimes the imbalance remains.
  • Lifestyle - drinking alcohol can have a negative effect on the growth of breast tissue, as well as drugs such as anabolic steroids or smoking cannabis.
  • Medication – a side effect of some medicine, for example, anti-ulcer or heart disease treatment, can cause ‘man-boobs’.
  • Old Age – as men age, the production of testosterone declines as well as the build-up of body fat, causing the increase of oestrogen.

Methods to Help the Appearance of Gynaecomastia

gynaecomastia Fortunately, if any of the above sound familiar and you are concerned about your ‘man-boobs’ this summer, Gynaecomastia surgery may be the option you’re looking for, especially if diet and exercise have not achieved the desired results and you want to diminish the issue once and for all. The excess breast tissue can be removed using Vaser Liposuction, whereby a minor incision is made in the chest area and a small ultrasound probe is inserted. This innovatively breaks down the fat cells so that they can be removed easily with liposuction. The procedure normally takes no longer than 60-90 minutes to complete, with 3-14 days of downtime to be expected. Like any surgical procedure, a full one to one consultation before proceeding is highly recommended to ensure this type of treatment will be right for you. This is something that we offer at EF MEDISPA to all our clients, with Gynaecomastia surgery providing optimal results for many of our male clientele. Performed by our highly qualified team of experts and surgeons, including Dr Christopher Johnsson, renowned globally for his technique and craftsmanship.

Can the Effects of Gynaecomastia Return?

As long as your carefully created aftercare plan is followed post-surgery, the effects of Gynaecomastia surgery should be a long-lasting experience. As a less invasive form of liposuction, the treatment itself provides a shorter downtime period, meaning the quicker you will be able to take advantage of the benefits this summer. For further information about the surgical and non-surgical treatments we have available at EF MEDISPA, please browse the website or contact us to book a no-obligation consultation today.
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