Our beauty recommendations for 2015

It’s a New Year which means it’s a fresh start for us all, and the perfect excuse to overhaul your beauty routine.  Many of us set resolutions for ourselves each year but fall short after a few weeks.  The reason for this is that many of our goals are simply too big, therefore the way to ensure success is to set ourselves smaller, more achievable goals which can be adopted as part of your lifestyle, rather than just a goal to tick off.  We detail some of the top trends for 2015 below to provide you with some inspiration for your New Year goals to last for the rest of your life! Swap Yo-Yo Diets for Better Choicesgreen and red healthy food A new fad diet may help you drop the pounds quickly, but chances are that you’ll only end up back in the same position this time next year.  Adopting a healthier approach to eating by focusing on eating healthier, less processed foods rather ran counting calories. You can get some fantastic custom nutritional plans from our own professional nutritionist Kim Pearson by clicking here. Focus on Better Gut Health It’s important to keep your digestive system healthy in order to aid its ability to flush out toxins which will greatly help to improve your skin, cellulite and excess fat as well as boosting your energy levels.  Regular colonics can have a great impact on your digestive health, supporting your body as a supplement to healthy eating and exercise. 1Going Green with Juices and Smoothies Smoothies and juices were big news last year and look set to retain their popularity this year, with a shift in focus to more bespoke juices to suit your individual needs.  Our partner, Bobo’s Juices provide tailored juices to aid a range of needs, using quality fresh British ingredients and delivered straight to your door to make juicing simple, quick and hassle-free. Embracing Nutritional Yeast!2 Last year we were sprinkling flax seeds on everything, and this year we will be adding nutritional yeast to the mix. By sprinkling some nutritional yeast onto cereal, salads, snacks and more you can add some vital vitamins and minerals to your diet including B vitamins, zinc, selenium and folic acid as well as take advantage of its protein-rich, gluten-free and low fat properties.  It can also help to enhance flavours in your cooking, making it a key item to keep in your cupboard this year. 4Curvy Figures are Still in Demand Last year you couldn’t move for posts and pins about achieving a rounder, curvier bottom and fuller breasts – proving to be one of the most desirable physiques for women.  You can achieve a more rounded, pert bottom as well as improved bust size through fat transfer surgery, providing an easy and fast solution to achieving your perfect body Hyper Personalisation Skincare for Glowing Skin All Over5 Our faces and bodies have different skincare needs, and is certainly not a case of ‘one size fits all’.  Tailoring your skincare to suit the individual needs of your face and body will be big news this year, helping you to give your skin exactly what it needs in order to be healthy and glowing. Our premium skincare line Biologique Recherche focuses on bespoke treatment of the skin for all areas of the body and face. Custom Hair Colour – The Future of Hair Colouring? There are rumours flooding the beauty world which suggest that custom hair colouring is on its way.  Soon we could find ourselves ordering custom hair colours designed according to our preferences, skin tones and personalities to provide a revolutionary new approach to hair colour. Mineral Makeup for Healthier Skin Mineral makeup has been around for a number of years but is set to take off this year thanks to wider product ranges and more research emerging about its benefits.  Enriching your skin with essential minerals will enhance and protect it, leading to healthier, more youthful looking skin.  We recommend YoungBlood Mineral Makeup which features an extensive collection of products for you to try. 6Injectables and Fillers to Enhance, Not to Change Injectables can be used to enhance your natural features, keeping the effects subtle and fresh.  You can enjoy a natural looking, rejuvenated face with our anti-wrinkle treatments at EF MEDISPA. Contour Your Way to More Enhanced Features A number of celebrities have catapulted the contouring trend over the last year, and by learning this effective makeup technique at home you can be sure of more defined, slimmer looking facial features that will change the way you apply makeup forever.  With just a few simple products and some great techniques, you can truly enhance your facial features for a modelesque look. 2015 looks set to be a great year for beauty, with new trends focusing on looking and feeling healthy, both inside and out.  By making a few changes to your lifestyle throughout the year, you can be sure of setting yourself achievable goals which will improve your health and lifestyle and change your approach to beauty.  Contact us for more information on the treatments we offer at EF MEDISPA to compliment your new healthier lifestyle.
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