We are pleased to announce the reopening plan of our clinics in line with the government's recent announcement.

We have set out below the dates we will reopen, to avoid disappointment please mark them on your calendars as we are expecting a high demand for treatments once things resume back to normal.


16th March - Kensington Branch will re-open (For Medical Services Only)

12th April - All clinics will reopen with full services in operation

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe and well. EF MEDISPA Team

We Will Continue To Do Our 45-point
Safety Check Once Reopened


We have made extensive plans for a phased re-opening of the clinics in a COVID-secure environment. EF MEDISPA has been CQSA Certified by the Safety in Beauty campaign and organisation and we have passed a 45 point check-list for Covid-19 Safety and Quality assurance of the following categories:

Risk Management Operational Protocols Staff Training & Workforce Management Sanitation & Hygiene Standards Personal Protective Equipment Infection Protection Measures Staff Training & Workforce Management Legal Compliance

Helping you access beauty and aesthetic with peace of mind. Your comfort and safety is always our top priority.

We look forward to seeing you, EF MEDISPA Team

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