EF SKINSPA launches

efskinspaWe are proud to announce our latest partnership and our first ever franchised salon - The EF SKINSPA – opening  in Paul Edmond’s Knightsbridge in conjunction with the miraculous product technology of Biologique Recherche. Focusing on the decotellage upwards, we’re combining the EF philosophy of ‘intelligent skincare’ with the BR raison d’être: treating the ‘skin instant’ – or the state of your complexion at any given moment in time. As we all know, the skin reflects the internal workings of the body. So whether your complexion is a signpost for hormonal changes related to pregnancy or the menopause, or you’re feeling wiped out by work overload, or simply just need to look your beautiful best for your wedding day, we’ve designed treatments that deliver the results you deserve. There’s something to quench ‘thirsty skin’, a treatment to achieve wonderfully ‘bright eyes’- another to focus on ‘lifting and firming’ when your skin is flagging a little.  You will have your treatment within one of two super luxe, super cosy rooms in the Paul Edmonds salon – a little sanctuary in which you can sink back, think of your new perfect complexion.
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