Excessive sweatingExcessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis is a common concern that many people face on a daily basis. However, during the summer time, as the temperatures begin to rise, the condition can worsen. Hyperhidrosis can affect many areas, however one of the most common areas effected is the armpits. In this blog, we explore why you may suffer from hyperhidrosis, and what you can do to reduce your sweating.

Why do I sweat so much?

Unfortunately, for many there are no obvious causes as to why they suffer from hyperhidrosis. However, in some cases there can be triggers which cause you to sweat more, these include anxiety, pregnancy, menopause, an overactive thyroid gland and certain medical conditions.  Excessive sweating generally doesn’t pose a threat to our health, however it can be both embarrassing and distressing, so it is understandable to want to reduce the amount you sweat.

How to reduce sweating

There are certain lifestyle changes, such as wearing loose clothing and avoiding spicy foods that can sometimes help to reduce excessive sweating. However, we recognise that for many people suffering from hyperhidrosis this isn’t always enough. We see many clients come through our doors looking for a way to reduce their sweating, and often we recommend hyperhidrosis injectables. Man not sweatingHyperhidrosis injectables work to block signals sent to the nerves that control your sweating, this in turn stops your sweat glands from producing excess sweat. The entire treatment is very simple and only takes around 30 minutes, meaning you can be in and out in under an hour. The results will begin to show within two weeks of having the treatment, and should last between 6 – 12 months, meaning you will only need to have the treatment once or twice a year. Hyperhidrosis injectables are the ideal treatment if you’re looking to stop sweating. We find that this time of year is one of the most popular times for clients to come in and enquire about this treatment. As the days are getting warmer, and people are noticing they’re sweating more, there is no better time to consider hyperhidrosis treatment. Don’t let sweaty armpits dampen your day, call us on 020 3811 2727 or click here to book your complimentary consultation to speak with one of our expert Treatment Coordinators about our hyperhidrosis injectables.
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