It’s September and if the blazing heat of recent weeks continues, we’re in for a real Indian summer. But how do you help your skin beat the heat? Visible pores, breakouts, facial pigmentation all worsen as a result of the warm weather and UV rays – and that’s before we even mention the effects on the body. So in the hope that the glorious weather does last a little longer, here’s my top tips for helping your skin survive...
  1. The double cleanse: When we get all hot and sweaty, our skin’s sebaceous glands go into overdrive and our pores quickly become clogged. So it’s no wonder that we soon begin to suffer from breakouts. To avoid this spotty scenario, I double cleanse. First I use CosMedix Purity Clean gel to wash the grime and make up off skin. Then I follow up with Cosmedix Benefit Clean – a more gentle cleanser that ensures the skin is left beautifully fresh after the day.
  2. The make up fixer: Sweat and oiliness mean make up soon goes on the move. Avoid clogging pores by swapping your regular foundation for a tinted sun block then use an oil-absorbing powder like Youngblood’s Mineral Rice Setting Powder to fix your make up in place.
  3. The blackhead beater: When blackheads rear up, the worst thing you can do is squeeze and risk scarring the skin. Modern day masks are formulated to pull blackheads from the skin. So try my favourite Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Masque and avoid the big squeeze.
  4. The body blaster: It’s more and more often that I hear of people coming into EF clinics complaining of spotty bottoms and bumpy arms. It’s not only the face that feels the effects of a heatwave! My top tip is to use the CosMedix Purity Clean on your bottom to clear spots – then take a good Omega-3 capsule to help smooth away those bumps on the backs of the arms.
  5. The post-summer S.O.S: When the sun finally does set on the summer weather, you can target the effects on your skin via the kind of professional treatment that’s best avoided if you’re going in the sun. A course of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light therapy) will help unclog pores – whilst an enzyme peel will help lift pigmentation. Always avoid abrasive microdermabrasion – and never steam your skin, as it will simply cause broken veins and redness.
Here’s to happy post-summer skin! To find out more about our post-summer skin treatments, call us on 0203 135 0246 or book a complimentary consultation here.
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