A skin or body treatment can provide you with improved health both mentally and physically but, without prior knowledge, it can be hard to tell how to get the most out of a procedure.

Alphascience has a range of products that are specifically formulated and crafted to ensure you get the best results from your procedure. We take a look at what you can do before and after specific treatments and what products can help you further achieve the optimal change you desire. This guide contains products, when to use them, how long to use them for as well as their benefits.

How to prepare for Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel Laser Treatment is well known for its ability to combat multiple skin concerns such as ageing skin, acne scars, sagging skin, uneven pigmentation, sun damage and enlarged pores. Fraxel Laser Treatment Before and After Before Fraxel Laser Treatment It’s essential to maintain the best level of hydration before any type of laser treatment. 2-4 weeks before the treatment, we recommend using Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum every morning and evening. This powerful antioxidant will seamlessly protect and prepare the skin for your treatment. After Fraxel Laser Treatment 8-10 days after treatment you should continue to take Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum to ensure the antioxidants reduce the effect of induced oxidative stress. On top of this, you should ensure you include Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream within your routine as well as Alphascience Eye Matrix to further strengthen the skin and maintain the results of the treatment

How to prepare for Rejuvenating Treatments

Rejuvenating treatments can be especially helpful for boosting aesthetical and mental health. Mesotherapy for face and body and Microneedling are an ideal way to achieve the look you have always wanted. Before Rejuvenating Treatments A great way for preparing the skin for better absorption of active substances is the use of a low pH serum such as Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum. The use of such a product helps reduce the oxidative stress caused by such treatment and should be applied 2-4 week before the treatment. After Rejuvenating Treatments After your treatment, the use of antioxidants will help to ensure your skin will recover easier and quicker and also prevent post-treatment pigmentation. You should carry on using the Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum and Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream and Alphascience Eye Matrix to your routine which helps to further strengthen the skin and maintain the results of the treatment.

How to prepare for Skin Peels

Thanks to their exfoliating benefits and healing capabilities, Skin Peels can seamlessly tackle an array of skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, dehydration, pigmentation and the signs of ageing. Before Skin Peels Ensure you use an antioxidant such as Alphascience Phytic [TC] Rejuvenate & Glow Serum 14 days before your treatment in the morning and evening. This low pH product ensures you prepare the skin for the treatment by allowing for better exfoliation. After Skin Peels Naturally, the skin will exfoliate after your procedure, you should continue to use the antioxidant serum Alphascience Phytic [TC] Rejuvenate & Glow Serum. After 8-10 days, use Alphascience Eye Matrix and Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface [CR] Cream, this combination will reduce the oxidative stress.

How to prepare for IPL & Cosmelan treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is an effective treatment, used to treat rosacea, thread veins, spider veins, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, sagging skin and many common signs of ageing. Cosmelan Peel targets the discolouration and hyperpigmentation that is caused by hormones, ageing or sun damage. Before IPL & Cosmelan treatment 14 days before, apply Alphascience Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum every morning and night. Use this serum to ensure your skin good level of hydration, easily preparing your skin for treatment. After IPL & Cosmelan treatment A good antioxidant will easily help soothe the skin recovery period after the treatment. Use Alphascience Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum and Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface [CR] Cream when exfoliation has stopped. Aftercare and maintenance with depigmenting serum are key for a perfect and long-term result.

How to prepare for IPL & Radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency treatment is a non-invasive procedure that effectively targets loose skin, giving you a firm lift. Before IPL & Radiofrequency treatment 4 weeks before your procedure, ensure you use an antioxidant to diminish the reactivity caused by the procedure. Apply Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum in the morning and evening to help prepare your skin. After IPL & Radiofrequency treatment After your procedure, you may experience some redness and discomfort in the treated area. We highly recommend using a regenerative cream such as Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream and Alphascience Eye Matrix. This mixture will help calm and soothe any concerns after treatment and you should also continue to use the Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum. Ensure you wait 2-3 days after your treatment to avoid any acidic pH related irritation.