IMG_1491We’re proud to announce our new and exciting partnership with E-Pulsive, the pioneering top personal training company that introduced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training to the UK market. From this month (June 2016), clients will be able to drop into EF MEDISPA Canary Wharf for 20 minutes session of EMS training. E-Pulsive was co-founded by Mario Kaspars who discovered the training system in Germany when it was launched to the sporting elite, with the likes of Usain Bolt and Rafael Nadal both known for including this type of workout in their training regimes. What is EMS training? EMS or electrical muscle stimulation is a full body workout that uses impulse currents.  The electrical impulse causes a contraction in your muscles, and in combination with exercise, makes the workout much more effective than conventional workouts. EMS training involves wearing specially designed sportswear underneath an electronic exercise vest which delivers impulses through electrodes onto the skin mimicking the actions of the central nervous system. EMS stimulates muscles to a much greater capacity than during a standard training session, thus offering huge time-saving benefits, the 20 minute workout session equates to 3 hours of conventional exercise, making it the ideal workout for those us that are time-poor. Every session is tailored to each individual needs using specially trained E-Pulsive personal trainers, they will work to improve your body’s muscle structure, allowing you to experience weight loss, body toning, endurance, metabolic acceleration and improved health for your back and joints. The ‘Ultimate Fitness & Inch-Loss’ PackageUltimate package Alongside E-Pulsive we will be launching an exclusive ‘Ultimate Fitness & Inch-Loss’ package tailored towards the health conscious, but time poor client in the busy & professional Canary Wharf area. The package includes 10 sessions of E-Pulsive training (available on Tuesdays & Thursdays), 4 bespoke Drip & Chill IV vitamin infusions, and 4 sessions of Reduce by Vanquish; making this package perfect for anybody looking to get in shape for their summer holidays!  
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