Laser Hair Removal We're all waiting for the days to get warmer, but for many of us we're also quietly dreading the thought of having to bare a little more skin come this summer due to the cellulite hiding beneath our clothes. Today on the blog we’re sharing our secrets on how to effectively treat trouble areas in order to banish cellulite for good. How to get rid of cellulite Here at EF MEDISPA, we offer a huge range of tried and tested treatments to help you tackle the tell-tale orange peel and sagging skin in order to boost your body confidence. To find the right course of treatment for you, talk to our friendly Treatment Coordinators who will be happy to put a bespoke plan in place that’s tailored to your individual needs. Microfirm for cellulite If you're somebody who feels hesitant to get their legs out in the sun due to those nasty dimples, Microfirm might be the answer! This cutting-edge combination of microneedling and Radiofrequency encourages new collagen production whilst delivering heat at a precise level to target cellulite effectively. High Frequency MesotherapyHigh-Frequency-Mesotherapy-Fat-Reduction Cellulite rarely occurs as a problem in isolation and frequently co-exists with other issues such as dry skin. Mesotherapy tackles these inter-related problems head on, stimulating new cell growth, plumping and brightening your skin to reduce the appearance of dimples and counter sagging. Each session can last from 30 minutes up to few hours depending on the areas you wish to treat. During the treatment a shot of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid are delivered to the lower levels of skin. To really supercharge the impact of the treatment these shots are delivered using high frequency micro-injections. Lipotripsy Lipotripsy works to free your skin from that orange peel appearance and is particularly beneficial in improving the appearance of skin whilst assisting with fat reduction around the thighs, calves, stomach, arms and buttocks.  It’s a non-invasive treatment that can help tackle even the more severe cellulite cases and all without the need for any needles. Lipotripsy harnesses the power of radial waves to activate fat cells underneath the skin, helping the cells to be broken down more easily by your body’s lymphatic system. This also helps to increase blood and oxygen flow, improving your skin’s elasticity and giving it a brighter, rejuvenated appearance. EF-MULTI_001-300x200Multisculpt Multisculpt is one of our most innovative treatments helping you tackle two issues at once. Combining three different tactics it works great for both inch loss and cellulite reduction. Collagen production is stimulated using infrared light, tightening up your skin and improving its contours. To increase circulation and help metabolise fat cells, bi-polar radiofrequency is delivered deep into the skin. Finally, to improve the appearance of dimply skin a targeted vacuum and mechanical massage nourishes blood cells and flattens fatty tissue, leaving cellulite with nowhere to hide! Call us today if you’d like to find out more about these treatments or want to discuss putting a tailored plan in place to help you tackle your cellulite or click here to book a consultation.        
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