Keeping on top of a good grooming routine can be tough at the best of times. Whether it’s your daily clean shave or keeping that designer stubble in top condition, it can be tough to perfect and maintain. Male grooming in general has seen a huge surge in recent years, especially with so many products and treatments now available for the modern man to trim, treat and triumph their way towards the idealistic look.

A refined, chiselled and well-groomed appearance is just as desirable now as it has always been, so in what other ways can men improve on this aesthetic to look and feel great? Here at EF MEDISPA, we have some select treatments that can help elevate your male grooming confidence even further, including anti-ageing and restorative treatments that are worth considering this season.

Killer JawMale Grooming Treatments

If you’ve always wanted to perfect that chiselled, refined look but have found your routine is not quite doing your jawline justice, consider Jaw Fillers to help. Not only will the ‘the killer jaw’ tighten, rejuvenate and sculpt your jawline, providing that chiselled, defined look, it will also address any sagging skin or fine lines. Jaw fillers are performed by injecting hyaluronic acid into the jawline without the need of any intrusive surgery. You’ll benefit from a very minimal downtime so you can get back to your day to day quickly. Results are usually visible within a couple of hours and can last between 12 to 18 months approximately.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables & Hyperhidrosis

Another difficult to tackle issue is that of fine lines and wrinkles, most notably around the eyes or forehead area. No amount of facial creams and washes can effectively tackle the signs of ageing like anti-wrinkle injections. If over time ‘laughter lines’ or ‘crow’s feet’ have developed and are becoming more prominent, a course of injections can help to resolve their appearance. By smoothing out the wrinkles and glabellar lines with easily administered injections, the results can be amazingly effective and provide a youthful result. Similarly, if you have felt the effects of excessive sweating have impacted your general well-groomed appearance that no amount of deodorant or anti-perspirant can manage, hyperhidrosis injections can be the solution. Involving precisely placed injections under the arm, the 30-minute procedure is fast-acting and will last up to 9 months to alleviate any underarm concerns.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the key components of successful male grooming is managing hair growth, especially in unwanted areas or places that need to be regularly maintained. To help with this regular battle with hair growth, at EF MEDISPA we can perform bespoke laser hair removal that can tackle even the most difficult and personal of areas. Fast and effective, the advanced Soprano laser will make easy work of targeting the hair root to destroy the cells, preventing further hair growth.

AQ Dermastamp

If it’s the opposite effect of hair removal you require, AQ Dermastamp can be the ideal restorative treatment to prompt hair growth by using growth factors. Alleviating any concerns that you may have with hair loss or poor hair quality, the advanced hair complex+ serum will nourish the scalp and repair any damaged hair follicles.

Vaser Liposuction

Another area that many men may feel prevents their idealised groomed look is that of body sculpting. If you have tried all conventional ways to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted, it may be worth considering non-surgical treatment. Vaser Liposuction can provide the ideal way to tackle any stubborn areas of fat to sculpt and define your body. With treatment being able to target a number of different areas including, the arms, chest, abdomen and neck amongst others, Vaser Lipo can be extremely effective. With minimal downtime, you can be back up and running quickly after Vaser Lipo treatment, with it also an ideal way to tackle concerns such as Gynaecomastia, most commonly referred to as ‘Man-boobs’. If stubborn fat has built up around your chest, Vaser Lipo can effectively reduce this especially if regular workouts have not helped to resolve them.

Male Grooming Solutions at EF MEDISPA

At EF MEDISPA, our bespoke male grooming treatments are designed with you in mind, assisting in helping you achieve the aesthetics you desire, with all treatments carried out by our expert medical team. If you’re interested in our male grooming treatments, why not book a free consultation today or call us at one of our clinics to speak to a member of our friendly team to find out more.
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