Following the launch of our brand-new clinic in Richmond, we’re introducing you to our team of experts. Our therapist Marinda tells us all about her favourite treatments and what her special skincare regime consists of. Meet The EF Medispa Team: MirandaWhat treatments have you tried and tested and what was your favourite? I have tried Encurve which helps to break down body fat, ClearSkin; an acne laser treatment for skin breakouts and post inflammatory acne scarring and Radiofrequency for the body, which helps with cellulite and skin tightening. My favourite treatments has to be Encurve and Radiofrequency. Combining these two treatments together works wonders. I have tried it on my tummy and after just one session I could already feel the difference, my skin felt tighter and smoother and after a week I noticed my tummy was slightly flatter, I felt wonderful! I would recommend Encurve to anyone who wants to reduce areas with stubborn fat and Radiofrequency to help tighten loose skin. These treatments are very relaxing, and I did not experience any discomfort or pain. Do you have a beauty hack or a beauty tip you stand by? Don’t use soap to wash your face! The skin is acidic, while soap is alkaline based. When using normal soap, you destroy your natural acidic mantle of the skin that could potentially worsen your skin condition. I always believe in using a good cosmeceutical product that can be used to target your skin’s specific needs. Retinols, antioxidants and peptides are the skin’s main ingredients we need to replace on a daily basis. Tell us what your skincare regime consists of I use a combination of Cosmedix and Dermaquest products because I have a combination skin type. I use:
  • Purity Clean exfoliating cleanser
  • Skin Clarity serum
  • Mystic Hydrating serum. Moisturiser with a SPF 30
  • Retinols twice a week
  • Dermaquest Vitamin C eye cream
What is your favourite ingredient in a product? My favourite ingredient is retinols. Creams or serums that contain retinols work as a powerful antioxidant to help repair skin damage, rejuvenate the skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They’re my pot of gold. What is your key role at EF MEDISPA Richmond? My key role at EF MEDISPA Richmond is to recommend and perform carefully selected body and skin treatments for clients based on their individual needs, making them feel comfortable and relaxed. What attracted you to EF MEDISPA? EF MEDISPA puts the wellbeing of each client at the heart of what they do. The company uses only the latest technologies, treatments and products. EF MEDISPA invests a lot of time and training in its employees to achieve the highest standards of training and customer care. The brand has won numerous awards in the industry and is one of the most recommended Clinics in the UK. To book a treatment at our brand new clinic in Richmond click here and book a complimentary consultation.
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