Too often we’re young at heart, but our skin is way ahead of us. Late nights and early mornings leave tell-tale signs, and no matter how complete your skincare regime, there is a visible decline in our skin condition as we age. The good news is that there are a range of therapies and techniques available that can act as alternatives to a facelift. Hurray for skin tightening and firming treatments! In a bid to give you a better chance of slowing the inevitable, we have come up with non-surgical facelift options to consider when it comes to attaining firmer, tauter and more radiant looking skin.

Body liftBody treatments

Get your skin looking its best by considering Radiofrequency. This non-invasive treatment uses electromagnetic fields to cause heating and friction in the deeper layers of the skin, prompting skin cells to naturally regenerate collagen.  High Frequency Mesotherapy is another powerful, minimally invasive treatment that revitalises the skin by using micro-needles to inject vitamins and minerals into the problem areas, breaking down fatty deposits, stimulating circulation and aiding collagen production.

Face treatmentsFace lift

Facial skin is often one of the most problematic areas and some are left feeling as if there are no alternatives to cult beauty products.  Don’t rule out a non-invasive facelift that could possibly solve the majority of your problems. Microfirm uses a controlled bi-polar Radiofrequency that travels deep into the skin and micro-needles to penetrate the surface; the two working together are fantastic for stimulating the creation of collagen, leaving skin looking smooth and firm through rejuvenated skin cell growth.

Looking for a treatment you can fit into a busy schedule without the downtime, why not try the Lunchtime Quicklift? This non-surgical lunchtime facelift uses a fractional Q-Switched Laser to penetrate the skin, without damaging the upper layers. Have tighter, plumper skin all in under an hour! For that additional step the Liquid Lift – otherwise known as the non-surgical Liquid Facelift - is another unique minimally invasive EF MEDISPA treatment you can have within an hour. This combination of fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables gives similar results to a facelift without the lengthy recovery time or scarring.

If you’re not one for needles or laser, the LED Luminous Lift is a quick treatment that works wonders on repairing and healing.  In fewer than 30 minutes, this mini non-surgical face lift uses red and yellow LED light to replenish the skin. Facial peels can also help with a multitude of issues. From acne through to the effects of aging, both work by stimulating the production of collagen help to smooth, leaving the face looking fresh and rejuvenated. Remember, there are a variety of options available when it comes to aiding your skin in the ageing process. So regardless of your skin type, tone or condition, there is a treatment for you.
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