Following the launch of EF MEDISPA Richmond, we have been in and around the area to find some of the best places to visit. Our brand-new clinic is in the heart of Richmond, minutes away from Richmond Riverside and a string of shops, bars and restaurants. Here’s some of our favourite places to visit…

Richmond Riverside

A short walk around the corner from EF MEDISPA Richmond is the stunning riverside. The long green lawn stretches along the river with bars and restaurants lined along the side uphill. The riverside is iconic for summer days in the sun.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a short drive or a 15minute walk from our clinic in Richmond. With its open spaces filled with greenery, this National Nature Reserve is home to a range of wildlife including deer herds. This park is beautiful at any given time of the year, and is perfect for a family picnic. There are many activities you can do within the park such as golf, bike riding and fishing.

Richmond Theatre

Richmond theatre is the home of entertainment in the area. The British Victorian theatre is a stone throw away from the clinic and hosts a range of productions, musicals, comedy shows each week including Aladdin, The Bee Gees Story: Nights on Broadway and The Jungle Book.

Kew Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens

The world famous botanical gardens is located a short drive from EF MEDISPA Richmond. The garden is the centre of botanical science & research contains one of the largest and most extensive collections of living plants in the world. Kew Gardens includes several attractions such as The Palm House, The Treetop Walkway and The Hive, a sound and visual experience of the life of bees.   If you’re visiting our clinic in Richmond, you’ll have plenty to do to fill your time. Click here for the full details of the clinic and treatment options. Know what you want? Click here to book your complimentary consultation with one of our expert Treatment Coordinator.
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