[caption id="attachment_13771" align="alignleft" width="169"]LONDON - NOVEMBER 17: Designer Sadie Frost arrives at the UK Premiere of "Stoned" at the Apollo West End Cinema on November 17, 2005 in London, England. The British film chronicles the life and death of Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones, found drowned just weeks after being released from the band. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images) (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)[/caption] We feel it is very important to be at the forefront of innovative health technology, especially when it comes to preventative medicine. A long standing technology for measuring breast health is Breast Thermal Imaging, a simple yet highly effective scan for detecting inflammation in the tissues of the breast. Actress, producer and fashion designer Sadie Frost is a huge advocate for the technology so we caught up with her to find out more: What made you first get involved with Better Breast Care?  Breast cancer runs in my family and I’m passionate about anything that might help women and give them more choices. What is Breast Thermal Imaging and why is it such an exciting technological development? Breast Thermal Imaging looks at physiological and vascular patterns differences in the breasts. We know that when breast cancer occurs it almost always occurs in one breast only. If there is clear vascular difference between one breast and another then that it is interesting. Of course this does not mean that a patient has cancer and Breast Thermal Imaging does not replace orthodox screening but it might give early warnings of potential risks. Getting early warnings means that we can make lifestyle choices and changes that can reduce our risk. Who is Breast Thermal Imaging for?  Breast Thermal Imaging is for anyone who wishes to take a proactive approach to their breast health as opposed to waiting until there is a problem. If Breast Thermal Imaging detects abnormal inflammation then one can start to change lifestyle and look at other preventative measures that mean the risk of  developing breast cancer is mitigated. What are your top five healthy lifestyle must haves? 1 - To eat a balanced diet - I prefer vegan 2 - Meditation 3 - Lots of exercise – especially Yoga 4 - Lots of water 5 - Go to bed early 6 - Make sure you take omega 3’s. Essential fatty acids are very important for our health What are our thoughts on preventative health care in general? Prevention is better than cure, we are witnessing an explosion in diabetes, obesity and now cancer is estimated to effect 50% of people within their lifetime. Even rickets is now coming back which was a disease of the Victorian ages. Diet, lifestyle and nutrition are critical in my view in reducing risk of illness and disease.  
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