Gut health is becoming increasingly more important all the time. As our understanding of the human body advances, so does our knowledge of the impact our digestive system has on our overall wellness. Poor gut health has been linked to a whole host of concerns, like eczema, acne and depleted energy levels both mentally and physically.

Lifestyle has a big part to play in how well we take care of ourselves. As time has gone on, we’ve developed unhealthy habits that can negatively impact our general health. By consuming more alcohol and processed foods than ever before, and with our jobs and home life becoming more sedentary, we’re moving much less than we ever did. Our bodies aren’t designed to work in this way, so we aren’t effectively ridding ourselves of the harmful things we are consuming. If we don’t have a system that works to its full potential, we’re storing all manner of nasties in our bowels which could be causing problems. The average person should experience two bowel movements a day, but with the aforementioned lifestyles we currently lead, it’s unsurprising that many of us don’t quite fill that quota; this is where EF MEDISPA can help with a range of colonic hydrotherapy treatments for your benefit.

Why Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation) is a complementary cleansing process which essentially flushes the colon of this debris we’ve mentioned above. It’s a treatment in which around 60 litres of warm filtered water, with either a wheatgrass or coffee infusion, is passed through your bowel from a tube and carries out waste and toxins that have built up in your gut. Other herbal infusions are also used, and your therapist will massage your abdomen to ensure you get the most out of this process. Depending on which treatment you and your therapist decide will work best for you, your time with us might also include Reflexology or the use of soft laser technology to help you relax. Though not the most glamorous of treatments, the benefits of colonic irrigation far outway its somewhat embarrassing nature both physically and mentally. Perhaps obviously, this procedure can work wonders for those with conditions such as IBS. It helps control excessive bloating, muscle spasms, gas and irritation, which are all common symptoms of the disease. Many patients have found they feel they have more mental clarity and higher energy levels, their anxiety has been reduced and they sleep better. The procedure may also help to relieve headaches and assist in your battle with acne.

Feel Rejuvenated with Colonic Hydrotherapy

Yoga - Colonic Hydrotherapy Colonic hydrotherapy, if performed correctly, will help to keep your gut health in tip-top condition. We deep cleanse our hair, skin and home on a regular basis, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our insides? It is so important that with a treatment of this nature, you find a spa and therapist that you’re comfortable with. At EF MEDISPA, all our colonic hydrotherapists are trained to the highest standard available and always work with absolute discretion. Our made-for-purpose treatment suite has an en-suite bathroom, giving you peace of mind that your comfort and privacy is our top priority. If colonic hydrotherapy sounds like a treatment you may benefit from, why not contact us today to discuss your options and arrange a no-obligation free consultation.