face-lift-costLadies of a certain age will know what I mean when I say that sometimes we girls need a little lift, tuck and cinch as gravity begins to take its inevitable toll. So ladies, meet our new ‘Lace Lift’: A truly 21st innovation in skin lifting that is to beauty what a Petits Bisous corset is to the body! Some of you may already be aware of ‘thread lifts’ – non-surgical techniques that require cobweb-thin threads to be inserted just beneath the skin, then used to gently defy the downward force of gravity. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie doesn’t it? Which is why I was intent upon finding the best possible expert and technique before launching it at EF MEDISPA. At Monaco’s Anti-Ageing Conference in April, I was lucky enough to meet Dr Gabriella Mercik – a dermatological miracle worker who specialises in the safest, most advanced thread lifts this industry has yet seen. The beauty of her one-hour, stress-free treatment is that after a topical anaesthetic has been applied, a web of intricate ‘laces’ are woven in a precise way, just below the skin surface. And while there’s no pain, there’s plenty of gain to be had. For not only do the laces have an instant lifting effect thanks to her special ‘anchor and pull’ technique, but the skin also firms around the thread, making for a smoother, more luminous complexion that just keeps on improving as time goes on. Better still, thanks to the expertise of Dr G’s technique, we can now also apply this treatment to larger areas of skin – encompassing everything from the area around the eyes to smoker’s lip lines, the jaw, neck and décolleté. Of course, a traditional facelift is highly invasive and will leave you with extensive bruising and swelling, post-op. After my Lace Lift, I was merely a little bruised and a tiny bit tingly for 10 days. Our lovely therapists will even send you off with a post-treatment goody bag to hurry your skin on its way to healing – so you get nothing but spectacular results that will last between 24 to 36 months, after which the threads dissolve in a harmless way. Safe, with minimal downtime and visibly perkier skin – there’s only two words I can use to sum up this treatment: Bloody marvellous!
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