Seasonal changes can leave your skin looking and feeling dehydrated, dull and tired. At EF MEDISPA we offer a range of bespoke facials and peels to help with your skin concerns. We are thrilled to announce our unique new facial peel - The Peptide Peel from CosMedix. We sat down with Aysha, Managing Director at CosMedix to tell you everything you need to know about the treatment!

The CosMedix Essential Peptide Peel at EF MEDISPATell us about the new CosMedix Peptide peel

CosMedix latest innovation is the perfect solution for refreshing a dull, sun damaged skin in record time. Post treatment the skin radiates an instant glow. This intelligent peel complex increases the amount of deeply hydrating ceramides. A well-known component of healthy skin that’s been proven to decrease moisture loss and increase plumpness. It’s safe to use throughout the year, particularly in colder months when seasonal dryness causes everyone’s lines to appear more visible. Making a real difference is further delayed by a sluggish cell turnover. The addition of stimulating ingredients boosts the density of the dermis. Over time, boosting collagen synthesis decreases the chances of experiencing deeper concerns such as premature ageing, dark eye circles and crows-feet.  

 What are the key benefits of this peel?

It’s the first peel of its kind to combine two key active ingredients, a Tripeptide with encapsulated Vitamin A called LG-Retinex (10%) that’s unique to CosMedix. A major factor in addressing tight skin is results are usually temporary.  Peels triggering a biochemical process that reverses the symptoms of damage skin and create the optimal reflection of light and water retention. We are incredibly excited to offer safe, purified peels to everyone, including dark skin with no prior skin prep.

When would you turn to this product?

The treatment is a fantastic kick start solution for newcomers of all ages or prior to a special occasion.  During the festive season, it will certainly help retain a glowing complexion. Post any period of skin stress, such as a holiday abroad, in hot or cold climate, the Peptide Peel helps quickly restore an instant skin luster. The application of the peel can be personalised and there is no dryness. Only a slightly tight sensation on day three and four. It’s safe to do at least seven days prior to travelling to a country with a hot climate and can be carried out during the summer.

The CosMedix Essential Peptide Peel at EF MEDISPAHow often would you have this treatment done?

For longer term maintenance, it’s recommend undergoing a professional skin treatment once per month. Because CosMedix active peels boost cell turnover safely, improvements are compounded over time and help prevent premature ageing, lines and pigmentation.

What EF MEDISPA treatments could you have alongside this or following/before this Peel?

There are several advanced devices that work seamlessly. The most beneficial are LED Therapy, Radio Frequency and Microneedling. The combination of treatments works on creating the perfect balance of skin nourishment and repair.

What products would you recommend following this treatment to keep your skin in check.

  • Serum 16 is made with the absolute go to Vitamin A complex called LG-Retinex (16%). It’s easily identified by researchers as the petrol, that energies cellular renewal.  When used in conjunction with a peel series, the benefits from dermal remodeling are greatly enhanced.  Because the skin on the neck is sensitive it’s more likely to become red when over stimulated. It can also be incredibly slow to see results on the body.  Using LG-Retinex prior helps speed up the recovery process.
  • In between skin peels using a firming mask like Bio-Shape that’s made with peptides and is left on the skin overnight, makes an even bigger difference to treating lines.
  • Using a proper cleanser is an absolute must. The effectiveness of using peptides is increased when the skin gets resurfaced. As it’s molecularly is quite a large particle, penetration the skin can be quite challenging. Purity Clean is made with 5% l-lactic acid a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids that also boosts hydrating ceramides.

What’s your favourite Cosmedix product right now?

I’ve had a sneak preview of the latest neck and face firming cream called Illuminate and Lift. The results for helping saggy skin are absolutely astounding. The clinical results showed a 56% decrease in sagging neck skin in only three weeks. I will certainly be adding this item to my Christmas list! If you're interested in finding out more or booking a complimentary consultation click here, or to speak to our expert team, call  020 3811 2727.
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