At EF MEDISPA we put great importance on helping our clients look and feel good, working with them to help achieve their beauty goals and tackle issues that are worrying them. Earlier in the year we launched our EF MEDISPA SKINtervention competition, which gave one lucky person the chance to win a bespoke course of treatments that would transform their skin. Our lucky winner was the lovely Barbara Tanner, and we're delighted to be able to share her fantastic results! 123 When Barbara applied to be a part of our SKINtervention competition she suffered with a host of skin issues including broken veins in her chin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and redness. She wanted to feel more confident without her make up on, especially as she approached a holiday of a lifetime in Australia. "I have had problem skin since I was a teenager; now a plump and middle aged (54 but only just) woman I still suffer with issues. My list of skin imperfections is endless...The bane of my life are my pigmentation patches, and when I was a teenager I had terrible acne on my chin, now resulting in many broken capillaries, thread veins and redness. I also have several fluid filled pimples that never seem to go.” The EF MEDISPA St John's Wood team devised a customised treatment plan for Barbara aimed at tackling each issue and revitalising her skin tone. Barbara’s plan included: 6x sessions of IPL Rejuvenation 4x sessions of Dermapen 2x sessions of LED Luminous Lift 1x session of Refirme After the first treatment Barbara began to see a difference very quickly, particularly in the chin area which was affected the most by redness and thread veins. After 5x sessions of IPL and 3x sessions of Dermapen we could see a big improvement in the overall texture of Barbara’s skin and her complexion. 6       4      5 “I am really pleased with the results so far, especially on my chin as since my last appointment the thread veins and redness have improved so much - the veins are practically gone on my chin and I am so happy! The pigmentation patches have faded a bit - Christina said that they are quite deep in the skin but they have definitely improved in appearance from when I started the treatment.  I am so happy with the results so far especially on my chin where I had at least 8 thread veins that predominately showed and have completely disappeared!” Barbara’s EF MEDISPA therapist Christina then performed 2x sessions of LED Luminous Lift to gently heal the skin and soothe any remaining redness. She also performed a session of the revolutionary Refirme treatment to improve the texture of Barbara’s skin and tighten areas of loose skin. Barbara has now completed her course and is thrilled with her results! There has been a dramatic improvement in her complexion and her chin is now completely clear. 7              8 “I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone at EF MEDISPA for all they have done for me; especially to my therapist Christina who is exceptional at what she does and to Charlotte for creating my treatment plan. All of the staff at EF MEDISPA are lovely girls that make the clinic a very special place to go.  The veins on my chin and nose have gone, my skin feels fresh and young and I can't thank you enough. EF MEDISPA has changed my life thank you.” - Barbara We are so delighted to hear Barbara is happy with her results and wish her a wonderful holiday! For more information on any of the treatments available or to discuss your skin issues with a EF MEDISPA Treatment Coordinator please click here.
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