The New Brazilian

SDWith the world cup just around the corner we’re celebrating all things Brazilian, including the bikini line! The Brazilian bikini wax has dominated salons and popular culture alike ever since its discovery, leaving its adherents completely bare (or with just a suggestion of hair) in their nether regions. However lately, and perhaps to the relief of those who have undertaken the painful bikini waxing procedure, it seems that the fuller look is creeping back. But ladies, taking it all off needn’t be painful anymore with Soprano Laser Hair Removal at EF MEDISPA. For the first time you can have a fuzz-free bikini line without the ouch! At EF MEDISPA you can have pain-free laser hair removal with the Soprano laser on any part of the body regardless of age, sex or skin type.  So whether you are pain intolerant, suffering with hormone induced hair or have been told lasers are not for you, the Soprano laser may be the perfect solution for you.  And now with this next generation method of hair removal, EF MEDISPA is one of the first clinics to offer pain-free permanent hair reduction on the nose, ears and even the eyebrow area. Using a diode laser combined with 'in-motion' technology and a sophisticated cooling system. The advanced Soprano laser hair removal technology is:
  • Safe and gentle
  • Available to most hair and skin types (which has previously not been possible)
  • Highly effective with successful results
  • Fast and efficient
  • FDA approved
So ladies, pop in for a consultation with us now and say goodbye to bikini line bother for good!
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