The dangerous thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they can be tricky to stick with once the first week has passed. So, now you’ve settled into the swing of 2016 we thought we’d introduce to you the trends that will be transforming you inside and out in 2016. Here you’ll find the beauty treatments you’ll be booking, the super foods - and drinks - you’ll be consuming and the fitness classes you’ll want to get stuck into to help you glow from the inside out this year. And, if you want to make a pledge to yourself to test out at least a few of these trends as part of your commitment to looking and feeling your best, the rest, as they say, is up to you. 1Big news in beauty With the winter weather testing your beauty regime to the max, it’s perhaps no surprise that bespoke skincare tailored to your personal skin type and issues is a trend that’s still very much going strong as we edge towards spring. After all, why would you settle for a product that’s anything less than perfect for you? This goes hand-in-hand with the rise of preventative beauty, which sees individuals seeking anti-ageing treatments at a younger age and also looking at lifestyle and health switches that promote good skin health. If you’re one of the thousands of people who received a makeup contouring kit for Christmas, the good news is our love of the carefully layered look is staying put. In fact, facial contouring is stepping up a level, with individuals choosing to complement makeup contouring with the use of Dermal Fillers for more defined cheeks. It’s not just about the face though, we’re predicting non-invasive body contouring is going to be one of our most in-demand body treatments for the year ahead, so make sure you read up on your options on our body treatments page.  Those seeking enhancements without implants are likely to plump for the more natural solution of fat transfer to add shape. Finally, to ensure you smell as good as you look, you may find yourself drawn to the more natural notes that are striking a chord in the world of fragrance. Scents of winter berries, accents of wood and floras like violet are prominent in the perfumes predicted to make a splash.33 Fitness and wellness Thankfully, we are all starting to get better at recognising that beauty starts within and this year will be for many an opportunity to realign their lifestyle in order to promote wellness and restore balance. Forget extremes, this is about finding the clean living level that works for you, fits in with your schedule and allows you the downtime and travel you need to feel at your best. As part of the ‘fits around you’ fitness trend, more people will be exploring on demand fitness classes you can do in your home, which are offered by the likes of Barrecore. A diet to help you thrive 2If there was one foodstuff that made a serious comeback in 2015, it was butter and in 2016 we’re set to continue to embrace nourishing fats found in nuts, seeds and oils. And while we won’t perhaps be eating a slice of bread with every meal, healthy carbs are also back on the menu. If you love your greens you’ll be glad to know that seaweed is joining kale as a super nutritious food to stock up on, along with plant extract Glutathione, a strong antioxidant.4 New grain on the block Kamut, will keep us fuller for longer and if you loved the Korean culinary explosion of 2015, you can celebrate by ordering Kimchi aplenty. Kimchi is being heralded as a champion of good gut health along with its European counterpart, Sauerkraut. Finally, wash it all down with a refreshing watermelon water, the drink is reportedly set to replace coconut water in our workout bags.
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