Winter has arrived and so has the dreaded cold and flu virus. Are you surrounded by runny noses and coughs? Want to fight off those germs? We have teamed up with the fantastic CPRESS Juice to give you top tips on natural ingredients you can incorporate into your diet, the best vitamin supplements to fortify your immune system and lifestyle changes you can make to keep your wellbeing a number one priority this winter... CPRESS Juice Superhero ingredients to the rescue! Ginger – a strong antioxidant, Ginger acts as a natural anti inflammatory to reduce congestion and the horrid shivers associated with a nasty cold. It can also have an antibiotic effect, working to reduce bacteria that can trigger excess phlegm and lethargy. Turmeric – one of the ingredients with the highest antioxidant properties, turmeric is also your anti-inflammatory hero! Add this potent ingredient into your diet to make the most of its anti-viral and anti-fungal superpowers.Lemon Juice Lemon Juice – a well known soother when you are feeling laid low with a cold, lemon will help to alkalize the body and control the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria. How do we make sure we are getting enough? CPRESS Juice offer a powerful mixture of all three ingredients in their body boosting Trio Shot, making it easy to get them into your system just when you need them! Spend £10 or more in their Fulham or Canary Wharf store and you will even receive one free!* Vitamin A, B, C and beyond... We all know Vitamin C and B6 are the greats when supporting your immune system, however there are many others that are just as powerful but not as well known. Selenium – An essential trace mineral, Selenium helps to stimulate white blood cells and boost the body’s response to bacteria invaders. Zinc – if you feel a cold taking hold, it may be too late to stop it but you can reduce the symptoms and longevity with this important nutrient, which has been proven to support immune function in the body.  IV Vitamin drips How do we make sure we are getting enough? It can be difficult to supplement these specific vitamins through diet alone, which is why we are big believers in IV Vitamin drips. Our bespoke infusions administer vitamins directly into the bloodstream in the relaxing, soothing environment of our Drip & Chill Lounge. Stay stress free and serene Of course you can have the best diet in the world, but if you are dealing with daily stress your immune system will be worn down regardless. Make sure you are taking time out for yourself as and when you can. TBiologique Recherche bespoke facialreat yourself – whether it’s an afternoon being pampered or retail therapy, ensure you are treating yourself to well deserved time off. Our go-to relaxation treatment is a wonderfully indulgent Biologique Recherche bespoke facial! Exercise – yes we know, you hear it all the time but it does work! Apart from strengthening your body and therefore your active defence against colds and flu, it works wonders for helping you feel revitalised and happy! We love a Barrecorre class for a fat burning, stress busting session that will leave you feeling serene and strong. *Can be redeemed at either Fulham or Canary Wharf CPRESS stores. Only one shot per customer and offer only valid till 31st January 2016.